COVID-19: China attempts to limit outbreak with strict controls

COVID-19: China attempts to limit outbreak with strict controls

China is getting nervous about a vast Quarantine center Under construction in Hebei province. Which borders Beijing The government has ordered every other Province in the country, to make similar Preparations.

[caption id="attachment_289" align="aligncenter" width="403"]China attempts to limit outbreak China attempts to limit the outbreak[/caption]

Millions of people are being tested Multiple times And millions have been locked down. This is a proper lockdown. This man left his house for a walk and Was verbally abused and tied to a tree For his trouble With such extreme measures.

You might Think that china is being overwhelmed by A second wave. The extraordinary thing is it's barely a Dribble On Friday. The country recorded just 103 New cases, it has fewer than 2 000 in Total Despite.

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That low number the restrictions Seem to have the support of the eleven Million residents under lockdown in Shijajuang. The capital of herbert In Beijing there are only three new Confirmed covert cases today. But this is what happens as a result, More than two million people have been ordered to take a test by Sunday.

The cues snake through the narrow alleyways of the old neighborhoods. It is exactly a year on from the very First lockdown in Wuhan. Kovit has been controlled here and still, China is not letting its guard down Right now.

There is no end in sight Even apart from the testing and the Lockdowns covert prevention measures are. Now part of daily life Communities has shut their doors only Allowing entry to people with negative Tests.

Vaccines are being targeted not at the Most vulnerable but those most likely to Interact with others Mainly workers and smartphones have Become passports. It is now impossible to enter most Buildings without showing a health code.

[caption id="attachment_290" align="alignright" width="300"]COVID19 China attempts to limit outbreak with strict controls COVID19 China attempts to limit outbreak with strict controls[/caption]

That tracks your movements across china. So, this is what Getting a taxi involves now scanning. The Health kit Getting the green signal and that's the case for everything, you can see the Plastic screen here, And every driver on this ride-hailing Service is now being encouraged to get a vaccination shuffle.

Nidalee meow So, he's had his vaccine already China has boasted very publicly of his Success in controlling kovid And credited those achievements to the Leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. So, put simply things cannot be allowed To get out of control.

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