Dr stone season 2 release date

Dr stone season 2 release date

Dr stone season 2 release date is finally returning in January. Trust me if you haven't watched the first season of this anime yet, then you should definitely give it a try otherwise you are missing a very good anime.

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Anyway, the first season of dr stone was released in July of 2019 and after almost one and half a year the first episode of season two is releasing today. As we are getting a new episode today let's see what updates.

We have got so far about the second season. I will also put the exact release time for the next episode of this anime at the end of this article.

But before! follow the news today tnt to get all the latest anime news and updates.

My soldiers push forward, my soldiers scream out, my soldiers the second season is going to be called dr stone. Stone wars and it is studio teams entertainment who is doing the production it is the same studio.

Who did the animation for the first season too but there has been a new change for the opening? The ending theme song this time the opening theme song will be done by fuji fabric.dr stone season 2 release date

The ending theme song is to be done by hattina. It is still not confirmed how many episodes.

We will be getting in the second season. But it will be revealed very soon probably just after the release of the first episode.

I will let you guys know in the pinned comment as soon as. I get any updates on it anyway. The first episode of season 2 will be releasing within a few hours and episode 2 will be releasing on the 21st of January.

Which is Thursday of the next week the international fans will be able to watch this anime,

on both Funimation and Crunchyroll. But, I am not sure if this second season will be available in all the regions or not.

So, that's why I will try to put the timing for as many countries as possible in the timing list. here is the timing list for you so, that you can enjoy the episode as soon as.

if your country's time is missing please let me know in the comments section.

I will try to reply to you with your country's timing but remember guys Funimation usually buys, the license for any anime for a few specific regions.

If your country's timing is in my timing list that doesn't mean it will be available on Funimation for your country. However, keep enjoying watching anime and follow our website to get all the latest anime news and updates.

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