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3 restrictions London to move into Tier

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3 restrictions London to move into Tier

As expected London, the capital will move to tier three. I’m told by two MPs who are on that call that will happen from? One minute past midnight on Wednesday. So in what a day or so time so not straight away tomorrow? I guess will be still in tier two but after one minute past midnight on Wednesday that will be London into tier three.

Which of course, means for hospitality all of the hospitality having to close and move to take away only, it also means in terms of our social interactions with each other. It will mean that people are not able to mix in private gardens not able to mix in pub gardens and restaurant outdoor areas either.

So a real blow to hospitality in the run-up to the Christmas period uh! We heard earlier from the mayor of London saying that um. He wasn’t calling for um tier three in London because he felt that there needed to be more economic help more financial support for businesses in the run-up to Christmas. Who is probably hoping to try and recoup some of the losses from the last six or seven months? 

It does appear that that is what’s going to happen three MPs saying that? London is going into tier three two who are on that call saying? It will be from midnight um on Wednesday matt Hancock is due in the commons um at 3 30.

He’s then due to host a press conference from downing street where? We should get specific confirmation of that from the health secretary. I think there will be questions um about whether more measures need to be brought in on top of the basic tier-three measures.

We see, what’s been going on um in kent as? Well, that’s been in tier three but cases have seemed stubbornly high there are also reports of other places around the exteriors of London other counties in the home counties also moving to no confirmation yet of that though.

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