Monday, April 19, 2021

Biden to re-open detention center for unaccompanied minors

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Biden to re-open detention center

The cruelty of the prior administration Has come to an end. Now we will Demonstrate to the world. What we as Americans are The new homeland security secretary Calling out trump. Administration on His first full day on the job As the Biden.

Biden to re-open detention center
Biden to re-open detention center

Administration plans to open a temporary shelter for migrants. Children in texas The very practice the media blasted The Trump administration over.

Let’s bring in former acting Commissioner of u.S customs and border Protection mark morgan To discuss that dichotomy and all of President Biden’s executive orders now. Undoing Trump immigration policies mark good too. The white house press secretary said, I Believe it was yesterday kind of sending This message.

They don’t come yet, we’re Not ready for you. Um but you’ve noted the numbers are Surging. Did you expect there would be This many this soon Absolutely and so did every expert who Have spent their lives Upholding the rule of law? making Sure that our borders were secure saying.

Biden to re-open detention center
Biden to re-open detention center

We’ve been sounding this alarm during. The entire uh Biden campaign that. If he did, what he Promised he was gonna do. We would see a crisis that would make 2019 Pale in comparison and that’s exactly What we’re seeing what? I’ve said with The stroke of the pen just a couple of hours after, Biden took office he has made our Borders less secure Our country, less safe, and has endangered.

The men and women on the front lines of Our borders. Trying to protect our country, Shannon. We’re in a new era here with Era. Where the united states now is Absolutely encouraging Incentivizing and they’re facilitating Migrants to enter the border illegally. That’s where we’re at right now it’s Unbelievable And those people are often exploited by The coyotes and the human smugglers who Put them in terrible dangerous Situations.

Not fair to them either along that Process. I want to read something from Axios that says, Biden’s brewing child Migrant crisis now word. that they’re Going to open up these temporary Facilities for unaccompanied kids. Says, the trump administration was Lambasted for its extended use of the Temporary shelters in so-called tent Cities.

When holding facilities were overwhelmed During the migrant crisis in 2019. Biden’s rhetoric and intentions differ But that doesn’t change his challenge. When apprehensions rise And space runs out the options are Limited Shannon that’s exactly right again. We Anticipated now these are Hhs facilities for unaccompanied minors Once. Cbp has apprehended them trying to Illegally enter.

Then we give them to has But look those same tent cities. They’re already starting to be constructed for Cbp Because we’re anticipating The increase in numbers. They’re going to be needed look it’s not complicated. If your border strategies consist of if You get here. We’re going to release you Into the interior united states.

We’re going to protect you from lawful Deportation and once you get here and Remain here illegally. We’re going to Reward you with the expansion of data Amnesty and free health care, of course, They’re coming and Shannon that’s what We’re seeing right now. The 21-day average is 3 000 a day Just a couple of days ago.

We reached 3 500 in a single day Trying to illegally enter this country. We haven’t seen those numbers since the Crisis In 2019 and this is a direct result Of president Biden‘s open border Strategies Period.

Well, his own administration is Telling those folks. Don’t come yet. But we know that there Are other messages out there that Serve very much as a magnet for people.

Who are looking desperately for hope And for a different place to be. So, we’ll track this and we know that. There’s talk of what they’re trying to Do on capitol hill.

It doesn’t seem like A lot of bipartisanship Right now. But they’re going to give it a try.


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