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Breaking news: Lady Gaga’s dog walker critically injured, bulldogs stolen in Hollywood

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Breaking news: Lady Gaga’s dog walker critically injured, bulldogs stolen in Hollywood

In Hollywood with the very latest information.Her dog’s Back, Lady gaga offering a half-million-dollar reward for Koji and Gustav.

Who was taken Last night here after a Shooting of her dog walker on Live? here on Sierra Bonita Avenue by sunset boulevard.

lady gaga dogs
lady gaga dogs

This is where it happened at Around 9 45 last night, According to LAPD sources, they Do confirm that three of lady Gaga’s french bulldogs were Involved in this incident. When The dog walker was walking them,

And then two of them were dog Napped by the suspect and the Suspect. What took and a light Colored sedan northbound on Sierra Bonita Avenue. After the This’d incident happened, the Shooting, obviously injuring The dog.

Walker was rushed to The hospital and, according to LAPD sources, is in grave condition at this hour now, Lady Gaga is in Rome, according to Todt me, working on a project And she is in Italy but Devastated by the news, Offering up half a million Dollar reward. You can go to Koji and goose. Doff at Gmail.

Com for any information now, Obviously she has posted on Social media the love for her Three dogs right here. These French bulldogs, which can be seen all throughout her Instagram at times.

lady gaga dogs news
lady gaga dogs news

So, clearly Very emotional and tragic time For her. She just wants those Two dogs back now. In another Incident, unrelated, possibly, Or perhaps, coincidentally, Let’s load up. We consider Ordered last week in north hall To take a look at this.

The Victim, Osvaldo I’ve got for Sale ad for two puppies on Craig’s list, and the person Who responded to the ad said. She would be coming by herself To look at the dogs.

But she Showed up with two other men. Who grabbed the puppies and ran Away. The family called the Police and had the woman Arrested, but clearly, it is Very disturbing and back out Here live.

We have talked to Some neighbors, other people Walking their dogs around this Area. They say they’re Concerned. They obviously blurt Last night after the shooting On their citizens at there’s a lot of pull.

This activity Here, but clearly very Disturbing here in this Neighborhood. Again half a Million dollar reward up for Grabs after koji. Gustaf Was taken here last night, so Anyone with information is Urged to contact koji and Gustav at Gmail dot com.

That Is the latest from here. Iraq, see and tony Back to you all right center, And more importantly, you have This. This poor guy who’s shot Critically, huh? Injured in all Of this is their serious grave Condition at this point.


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