Sunday, April 18, 2021

Breaking News: Massive fire destroys central Phoenix hair salon, Buckeye beekeeper will not face

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Breaking News: Massive fire destroys central Phoenix hair salon

This is the news today TNT News update. good Thursday to you, The latest stories. We’re following from the TNT newsroom.

Buckeye beekeeper will not face
Breaking news Massive fire destroys central Phoenix hair salon

Two businesses go up in flames in an early morning fire. The second alarm fire broke out just after, Or just before 3 a.M this Thursday morning. Near 7th street in Missouri in Phoenix, A hair and nail salon destroyed.

Fire Crews say The physical and occupational therapy Business next door will Need to be closed. As well because of Extensive fire damage. So, far there are no reports of injuries Firefighters are still looking into what? Sparked the fire A beekeeper in buckeye will not face Charges after the bees escaped a Backyard enclosure.

Those bees are said to have attacked Several people and killed at least Six dogs buckeye police. Say, there are no City ordinances regulating beekeeping Experts say. If you do have, your own hive You should make sure that.

You’re well educated on the maintenance that’s required. So, the bees don’t become aggressive Neighbors. Who lost their dogs say, they Want to change so that this doesn’t happen To anyone else.

The Arizona Department of Health services reporting there were 939 Newly reported. infections of covet-19 in The last 24 hours. We’ve now seen nearly 813000 Total cases since.

Breaking news

The start of this Pandemic one year ago Sadly. We’re still seeing a high number Of daily reported deaths from Coronavirus. Another 121 Arizonans have lost their lives due to this. We’ve lost 15 814 Friends and neighbors since the start of The pandemic. The battle over mining near.

The Grand Canyon will be front and center in Congress Arizona senators Kirsten Sinema. Mark Kelly introducing a bill to ban. New uranium mining around grand canyon National park. They say their proposed grand canyon Protection act Is necessary to protect tourism and Outdoor recreation for generations to Come Critics argue.

The bill will cost jobs And will be a big blow To the mining industry. On more stories we’re Following you can always The news today TNT.


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