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Canada election: Which party has the most confident voters?

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Which party has the most confident voters?

Canada election: Only 46 percent of voters say they are absolutely sure, of who they will vote for come September 20th with conservative and liberal voters the most concrete in their vote choice at 49 NDP, and bloc supporters are less certain, and green party supporters are the least confident in their choice.

Canada election
Canada election

The numbers also indicate. It’s the NDP that has the most room to grow 22 percent of those who indicated a first choice party said. They would consider voting for the NDP with the liberal’s conservatives, and greens lining up behind them. When we take a look at how Canadians are settled on their voting choices right now.

It’s incredibly volatile only about half of Canadians. who say that they’re voting for a particular party say, that they are absolutely certain, and they won’t they won’t switch it. Their point of view, uh or their vote prior to uh to the election campaign.

So there’s a lot of opportunities here still for movement the biggest potential movement is between uh the liberal party, and the new democrats. So what we’re seeing in this election campaign.

Canada election:

So, far is that the biggest challenge in many ways for the liberal party has been. The new democratic party these are disappointed in progressive voters. Who was previously voting for either the green party or the liberal party? who are now uh giving the NDP a very serious look and have moved over to them through.

In the course of this election campaign, one question that has always proven to be incredibly accurate in terms of the dynamics of the campaign and predicting where things are going is asking just asking people.

Which party’s gaining the most popularity and momentum during the course of the election campaign, and what we’re seeing here is that. The conservative party is seen by most of the people in the country. Who want to make a choice on that as being the party that’s gaining the most popularity and momentum followed by the NDP the liberal party going in the other direction, and interestingly.

It’s not just you know people voting for the opposition parties. Who feel that way it’s also people who say, that they’re currently voting for the liberal party. who feel that way so, that just shows. You what’s happening in this election campaign started off you know. uh on three weeks ago trying to get out of the blocks ahead of the opposition parties, and tripped on the way out and have simply not recovered, and what we’ve seen is the other parties picking up steam and people the voters now recognizing.

That of the parties that seem to be leading the pack at the moment. It’s the conservative party what that means is that you know. The liberals have a big perception uh problem. that they’re going to be dealing with that they have to change around.

But also you’re going to see an increasing amount of of of attention. For the conservative party and its leader, Erin O’Toole and the question is over the next couple of weeks. Will he be able to stand up to it what we saw in the last election campaign was that his predecessor? Andrew Scheer was not able to deal with it let’s see.

If Aaron O’Toole is made of different stuff really what we’re talking about here is the potential for movement between and among parties, uh so, uh if there is any movement through the rest of the campaign and most assuredly will be where are people likely to go and what we’re seeing right now as the biggest challenge to the liberal party. Going forward is the potential. That more progressive voters who are currently with the liberal party and are disappointed.

That they were put into this alert election circumstance or disappointed with the prime minister more and more are taking a serious look at jagmut Singh in the NDP, and if that happens uh you know the potential. That the liberal party could go down even further than.

It is right now certainly exists. uh yes uh the NDP will win more seats as a result of that particularly in places like British Columbia and Ontario. But also what you’re going to see is going to divide the vote in a lot of writings.

Where they weren’t competitive in previous elections among progressive voters that are going to create opportunities for conservatives to make some pickups in places. like they did say for example in the 2011 election under Stephen harper.

Where the NDP did really well in the election particularly in the province of Ontario and a lot of three-ways splits worked for the conservative. Party in the 905 regions. This is why Stephen Harper became prime minister of Canada. With the majority government.


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