Saturday, September 18, 2021

Double-Masking In Updated Guidelines CDC Recommends

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CDC Recommends Double-Masking In Updated Guidelines

The CDC Recommends double masking Offers more protection against covid19. Blocking more than 90 percent of the Virus with cases Hospitalizations and deaths still very High. Now is not the time to roll back mask Requirements.

CDC Recommend
CDC Recommend

CDC Recommends:

The CDC also recommending Americans wear Masks with nose wires And tie knots on the ear loops of Surgical masks for the best fit. The newly released research comes after Months of criticism of the CDC being Slow to issue.

Official mask Recommendations and when it comes to Double masking. The CDC says to wear a Surgical mask like this one. For the First layer With a cloth mask on top university Studies clearly show. The benefit to masks as they capture the Droplets from your breath Cough, or sneeze helping block particles From escaping.

CDC Recommend
CDC Recommend

Researchers say there’s, even more, you Can do to help make sure your mask fits correctly. If you live in a cold environment and Your glasses or sunglasses Are fogging up. When you’re outside that Means that air is flowing Up around the mask and into your eyelids.

That means that air Going both ways in and out of the mask Is leaking. But with a new more Contagious variant projected to dominate By march.

CDC Recommend
CDC Recommend

The CDC is underscoring that any mask is Better than no mask. The n95 mask offers the best protection Overall. But unless you’re caring for Someone who’s sick. The CDC Still recommend saving them for health care workers.


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