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Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to schools

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Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to schools

Chicago’s Teachers union agreed to a deal to return to the classroom Return to schools. Ending a Month-long battle With the public school system the union Voted on the plan.

Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school
Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school

Last night here’s the Deal Tens of thousands of students in the Third largest district. Go back to school Perhaps by the end of March.

It includes fast-track vaccinations for Teachers Safety protocols in the classroom. Lays Out a covet testing plan as well so There’s a lot in there. There is and let’s bring in our panel to Talk about it. Marianne marsh a former Senior adviser to John Kerry and terry Holt former senior advisor to House Speaker. John Boehner, I think all of those things Marianne Makes sense. You can get the testing and things like That.

Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school
Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school

But it has been a year And you’re starting to see this turn Even in California playing out in the Governors. Recall effort there That parents across the board are fed up And this is not even a partisan issue anymore. What do you think the Biden team was Thinking. When they Lowered that goal to just getting America’s schools 50 Of them open one day.

A week well dana, I Think the fact is for the past year Americans have been confronted with a false choice. You can either have your health, or go to School have your health, Or go to work have your health, or open Your business and the Biden. The administration is now saying You need to have both so, I think in week Three going into week four. They’ve realized and looked at just how bad things are.

So, you have a variety of public school systems across this country With bad ventilation systems no PPE Little distancing. I mean people who Can’t get online. So, there‘s a lot to make up for here. This is the right First good right step in the right direction to getting kids back to school. Protecting the health of not only. The kids but teachers the aides. The staff and everything that goes into You you know it’s amazing. Marianne, you know what’s amazing About that, and terry jump in there in This.

There are millions of school kids. Who Have been in the classroom already And they’ve been there going back to September and august of last year Jason Reilly wall street journal have Teacher unions Finally overplayed their hand.

Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school
Return to schools

He writes Their rigid opposition to charter schools and in-person learning As parents and even politicians fed up To dana’s point. Is it turning terry well it’s forcing Democratic leaders to make a choice Between Parents and the needs of students and Their friends in the teacher’s unions?

it and it is quite a departure From The really nonpartisan imperative. We Have here To get kids back to school and at some point. This real alignment with the unions And the democrats is going to have to be Broken up And we’re going to have to move past This.

I’m personally very hopeful That the new CDC guidelines will have Some effect on everybody and allow us to To go with a more uniform approach to How kids are educated in this country.

Right because the achievement gap just gets bigger. The more they don’t Come to some sort of agreement wanna. Also, talk about the minimum wage. So, There was a bipartisan agreement on an Amendment. Last week that said do not raise the minimum wage During a pandemic. But it seems the Democrats have made a different Calculation. Here’s what senator chuck Schumer about.

How They’re planning to get it done This time around. We’re trying to work as well. We can with the parliamentarian To get minimum wage to happen that’s all. I’m going to say Marianne’s Thoughts on this.Well look raising the minimum wage would Take 27 million people Out of poverty and 50 of all the kids in This country. Who lives in poverty that’s an easy thing To do And especially when you look at the fact For the same amount of money during.

Chicago teachers union approves deal to return to school
Return to schools

The Trump administration republicans ran Through a tax cut. That only helped the one percent of people in this country. The fact is it would help everybody to Do that because you now have people Working.

They’re making a wage they’re Off federal programs to help them live And now they’re spending money in their Community too it’s a win-win this. Should Be a no-brainer easy to do the Problem with that is that the CBO said Two days ago terry is going to cost 1.4.

Million jobs if you do this And the heads of Walmart and the gap and Jp morgan with the white house. Yesterday And they left without any sort of Agreement uh For a statement on camera or a statement On a bet. There seemed to be a lot of misgivings About what they heard inside the oval Office The most coherent thing. I heard was that During a pandemic relief debate.

We shouldn’t be trying to find ways of Losing jobs But find finding ways to create jobs and The CBO that’s not just the Congressional budget office. It’s independent for a reason. But It’s informing The democratic leadership of Congress. They need to listen to their Own analysts And think twice the other thing is what Does raising the minimum wage.

Have to do with getting this country back on track in the immediate future. The payoffs that Marianne’s 27 Million Figure refers to that’s way out in the Future. We need Relief now all right we’ll keep talking About it Marianne And uh terry. I’m sorry mary ann we are Under the gun here they’re telling us.


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