Sunday, April 18, 2021

EU humiliated by COVID vaccine crisis as European press turn on Ursula von der Leyen

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COVID vaccine News:

The EU’s COVID vaccines crisis continues after, The bloc was accused of failing to secure enough. Vaccine supply quickly enough newspapers Across Europe blasted. The European Commission for its bureaucratic and Centralized response To the covered 19 pandemics.

COVID vaccines
COVID vaccines

COVID vaccine

However, Brussels says they have come to an Agreement with the vaccine manufacturer. AstraZeneca Securing 40 million jabs by the end of March. through this number is still lower Than the original 80 million vaccines Agreed last year. Last week wonderland threatened to block Exports of vaccines to the UK And imposed article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol.

Which would have created a hard border In northern Ireland. To prevent vaccines from crossing the border From the EU into the UK. The order was swiftly withdrawn after, The EU Faced a furious backlash from both the Uk and Ireland Of which neither was informed of the Move. Before article 16 was triggered The UK is expecting around 3.5 million Vaccines from Pfizer.

COVID vaccines
COVID vaccines

Whose manufacturing Site is in Belgium. These vaccines seem to be under threat From the EU New export rules. However, after Boris johnson’s discussion With the European commission president On Friday.

The EU agreed the vaccines will be allowed into the UK After all you’ll have to see. All this stuff in the papers about uh! You know our friends are across the Channel and And you know disputes are with them.

All that kind of thing, I all I, would say is whatever the tourings and throwings there were very Confident in our Security of supply. Ursula van der lion The president of the European commission Took control of the bloc’s vaccine Supplies last year.

COVID vaccines
COVID vaccines

Away from member states which caused Delays in signing deals with vaccine Makers, The EU signed a deal with AstraZeneca Three months after, the UK Which the company says has meant supply. Problems, as there has been less time to Fix issues in the EU‘s supply chain Compared to Britain Brussels, has Vaccinated just two percent of the EU’s Population Compared to over 11 percent in the UK.


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