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EU restricts coronavirus vaccine exports

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EU restricts coronavirus vaccine exports

Breaking news restricts coronavirus vaccine exports. the European Union has stepped up Its campaign to gain greater access to Vaccines. By imposing export controls on jabs Being made Inside its borders.

EU restricts coronavirus vaccine
EU restricts coronavirus vaccine

The challenges we, now face left us with No Other choice but to act the aim is, to provide us immediately with full Transparency.

The transparency that until now has been Lacking And what Europeans expect And if needed it also will provide us. With a tool to ensure Vaccine deliveries. The commission has Adopted A strictly targeted measure that will allow us, to Gather accurate information about the Production of vaccines.

Where manufacturers intend to ship Them Well skies Europe correspondent. adam Parsons joins me now From Brussels. Um, adam what is your take On, what we Heard there to mention of tools to Protect vaccine delivery. Yeah, the moment this is regarded as a Transparency Mechanism, in other words, this is Supposed to be An extra tool in the armory for the European Commission.

To know where vaccines are going, when They’re exported Uh what sort of vaccines there are, how many of them are in a shipment now. You Might have thought that they would know This already but, it would seem Not so what the European Commission has said is that.

Companies will have to now Get a notification effectively an Authorization. About where vaccines are going, when they leave the European Union, and unless They’re going To a list of exempted countries.

Who’s on That list of exempted countries. well Out of the EU it includes, all sorts of Things includes Kosovo includes Iceland Vatican city. Includes countries on a humanitarian Wish list But, it does not include the UK.

So, Vaccines that are made in the EU But, exported to the UK will now require This Authorization. this notification now is a precursor to some sort of vaccine Controls according to the EU.

EU restricts coronavirus vaccine exports
restricts coronavirus vaccine exports

No, it isn’t it is simply a transparency Mechanism but there will, of course, Be, those who say this is the next step. Along a road for greater control And if push comes to the comes to shove. If EU countries really are running very Short of vaccines. Will they be happy to see those vaccines Continually Exported.

When EU countries need them, At the moment the EU is saying yes but, There are plenty who think that that Position Could eventually change the row about.

The distribution of Adam of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Member states of the EU. became less Hypothetical as.  We hear that it has been recommended for Approval by the Medicines Agency, yeah!

That’s right And that is, why of course this vaccine Topic is so much. The top of the agenda at the moment is Because the European union Expected to get a lot more of those AstraZeneca Jobs.

Then it has actually received and As you said that was a kind of Theoretical demand Up until this afternoon the AstraZeneca. Vaccine Is now authorized for use across Europe In fact, it authorized for All adults there have been suggestions. That the Agency may fight shy of that that they, May restrict its use for those 65 years and older.

In fact, they haven’t done what they’ve taken. Effectively it’s a bit of a leap of faith because they think the data That they were given.

coronavirus vaccine exports
restricts coronavirus vaccine exports

Wasn’t actually Strong enough but, they are making an Assumption That it is safe for older people. So, that Extra Zenica vaccine Will now be rolled out across The continent in addition to the beyond Fisa one. The modern vaccine and Europe needs it because so, far in plenty Of places its vaccine.

The rollout has been Sluggish uh certainly compared to the UK. Rollout lots of countries still by the Way going for the two-dose option. Uh rather than the single-dose today. We Also had the publication of the contract Between AstraZeneca and the European Commission.

I have read it through there Are certainly bits in that. which say, That UK factories Are supposed to be part of the European Supply lane. But it’s also in places quite vague There are lots of grey areas.

I think the fact is that both sides are Going to look at that contract as Proof of their position in this rather than Protracted. The slightly unseemly row between the European Union.


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