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Breaking News: Fry’s Electronics stores closing permanently

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Fry’s Electronics stores closing permanently

Fry’s Electronics stores closing permanently, Mortar electronics Stores here in the U.S Is closing. its doors for good hobby. You hate to see this As you know, if you were looking for a Gadget or a gizmo. You knew you could find it at fry’s Electronics until now.

So Gibby is Joining us live From tempe with more on this nationwide Closure and two Including two locations. Here in the Valley, and I gotta check on you gib Because you’re our big gadget guru.

Fry's Electronics stores closing permanently

So, how you doing brother oh man. It hurts right here and the reason. Why Am I, I would come here just to walk around just to see, what they would have? But if If you’ve been shopping here lately. You would see that it has clearly Changed especially. You know people like myself would come Here to buy tv. Stereos appliances and Computers. But In a short time this retail giant. Will Be no more fries breaking.

The news this morning on their website. That they will be winding down their Business. The company has 31 stores in Nine states two of which are located here in the valley. One on I-17 and Thunderbird and the other one here in Tempe on I-10 And baseline fry stating changes in the Retail industry.

Changes due to the pen uh do the Pandemic As reasons for shutting down permanently. The internet made it harder for the big Box stores to compete. They’re hoping that this wine-down Process will be the best solution for Everyone involved.

Fry’s Electronics stores closing 

Fry's Electronics stores closing permanently
Fry’s Electronics stores closing permanently

That they are currently trying to contact customers With repairs and vendors to let them. Know what the next steps are you know They have not mentioned. A final date here on when the final day Is, or how many people are going to be losing their jobs.

But I will tell you this is a sad day for me. You know When circuit city went down at least. You Still had best buy you still had the Fries to come to. Now with fries leaving My choices are starting to they are Guys’ best buy.  That’s that seems like That’s about It,  I mean if you remember you get To come in here. You would sit in the Little stereo room to see the home. Theater systems and kind of see how. You’re gonna go in press the buttons See which speaker you like can’t do that anymore.

You can’t do that And remember. you can’t do that online. I Mean you see it All the workers there were like the Original geek squad. You had a question They had an answer for you man. You hate To see this by the way. I used to want that tag just to walk around and help out.


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