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Citizenship Act Timeline, Family Ban, Biden’s Executive Actions News

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Citizenship Act Timeline, Family Ban, Biden’s Executive Actions News

In this article, we read about the Immigration News Update. We’re going to talk about the latest immigration reform news. Today is February  13th, 2021 U S. Citizenship act is expected to be introduced on both the house and Senate sides. At the end of next week, the bill will be introduced by Representative Linda Sanchez.

Immigration News Update

She’s a Democrat out of California, and it will be introduced by her on the house side,  on the Senate side. As you know, by now, Senator Menendez has taken the lead on the bill.  Sources are saying that the bill is expected to be passed by the house in early March. However,  it will take much longer than that on the Senate side, just to refresh your memory.

Immigration News Update

The US citizenship act provides a pathway to citizenship for 11 million people. Now, staff met from the white house and in both Senator Menendez’s office and representative Sanchez his office to discuss the details of the bill, as well as the timeline for getting everything through.

However, what I’ve been reading from, uh, various reporters, they’re saying that the timeline is actually pretty ambitious and they’re really not sure if it’s going to happen. Um, according to the timeline that these sources on Capitol Hill have laid out,  however, we’ll see democratic legislators have two strategies for immigration reform on Capitol Hill.

The first strategy is to see how far they could actually, get with us citizenship act. The second track involves bringing in the smaller stand-alone bills that passed during the last  Congress, bring in those bills to the floor in this Congress, by April 1st, for example. Bills targeting dreamers and farmworkers, uh, got very far during the last Congress.

Immigration News Update

Those bills are expected to be brought to the floor by April 1st, next week, Democrats will be pushing immigration reform. What they call an all-out effort. HR 10 44 and S3 86, which is the fairness for high-skilled immigrants have not been re-introduced yet in the new Congress.

Although those bills passed in the last Congress, they failed because they weren’t reconciled before the year ended in 2020. And if by the end of December, thus, they have to start all over again in this new Congress. These bills increase the per-country cap on family-based immigrant visas from 7% to 15% and eliminate the 7% cap for employment-based visas. According to ALA the

American immigration lawyers association. At this time, there is no active legislation in Congress seeking to eliminate per-country limitations for employment-based immigrants. Next  Senator Marsha Blackburn’s ban on birth tourism is not S 17. It has been referred to the Senate judiciary committee. Now, lastly, with respect to, uh, Capitol Hill news this week. The house judiciary committee, where I once worked, uh, held a hearing on the need for bold reforms. The Heron laid some groundwork for the immigration reform bills that are to come.

Immigration News Update

What is president Biden doing or not doing around immigration? Well, firstly, the family ban is still in effect. Sadly president Biden has not lifted presidential proclamations one zero one four and one zero zero five-two. These proclamations suspend entry to the US through  March 31st, uh, for a certain immigrant visa, applicants, and temporary workers. Although immigration advocates have been urgent, president Biden to revoke these proclamations.

He hasn’t done so yet. Now, in contrast, president Biden on Friday announced plans to allow 25,000 people into the country. Who is seeking asylum at our Southern border? These asylum seekers are in the remain in Mexico program that President Trump had put in place to keep asylum seekers in Mexico,

rather than having them come into The United States. Go through the immigration court system here. Now start on February 19th, they will be allowed into the US while their case is pending in immigration court. According to the AP, they will allow about 300  people to enter each day at two border crossings and fewer numbers at a third crossing.


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