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India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge – the news today TNT

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India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge

THE NEWS TODAY TNT here in the bay area and across California across the country really Every day. I chat with my parents and Relatives just to kind of find out Okay. Who over there has been infected And it’s usually Someone.

We know my relatives also over In India, India right now. They don’t leave the house they are Confined to their homes or their Apartments they only go.

India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge
India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge

If they have to go to the office or, to Get groceries so what happened here. Where were the missteps we talked about In India? well, a few months ago the Indian government thought. They had coveted beat so, they weren’t Really pressing people to get Vaccinations And also, they’re allowing a lot of Outdoor gatherings and gatherings of all Kinds Without people wearing masks and sadly. That now India is paying the price of the Latest numbers about 7 million reported infections in India.

In the last month and 57 000 deaths, That’s about 80 deaths per hour And these numbers are just the reported cases. There are likely many more deaths And Infections in rural areas and those Slums of Delhi and Mumbai. I spoke with my cousin who’s a dentist In Mumbai Almost everyone knows. Someone either Within their homes, Or within their buildings their colonies. That will collect their friend’s circle.

Who’s either had this and has recovered From it, Or who has had this and has long covered it. Where they’re still dealing with some Symptoms Or, who has had this and hasn’t recovered From it. There’s been a challenging time Preethi. Are you Upset are you mad. Are you fearful what, Are the emotions that come to your mind, Just right now? as That this country your country battles Through this.

I think right now the only thing to do. Is to look ahead To learn from the mistakes and when I Say mistakes it’s Simply. I think lack of preparedness. We didn’t anticipate a second wave Coming in so quickly. So swiftly being so infectious And so systems and help that should have Been in place. Wasn’t in place,

So I think it helps to just look forward. See how we can flatten the curve as quickly as possible. Learn from these mistakes. So, that if there is God forbid the third wave.

India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge
India Dealing With Massive COVID-19 Surge

that we’re far Better prepared at that time. We can certainly learn a lot from what’s Happening in India. In his news conference today by the way president Biden said! he talked with Indian prime minister Narendra Modi The president said the U.S.

Is actively Sending supplies and oxygen. This is so desperately needed in India. Before we wrap it up getting back to my Cousin Preethi. She has she said her two kids and I can Relate here with my two kids.

She said Her two kids have not seen their Teachers, or Friends in person in 14 months and That’s likely to continue Through the end of this year. So consider That two years without your kids Seeing their friends or teachers in Person. They’re paying a big price over. Their guy’s back to you is very difficult.


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