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Indian delegates in UK for G7 talks self-isolate – THE NEWS TODAY TNT

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Indian delegates in the UK for G7 talks self-isolate – THE NEWS TODAY TNT

Hello and welcome, how best to share Limited vaccine supplies is due to be Discussed. Here in London by foreign Ministers from the wealthy g7 nations. There is growing pressure to Redistribute stockpiles and know-how With poor countries, that are struggling.

Indian delegates in UK for G7 talks self-isolate
Indian delegates in the UK for G7 talks self-isolate

So, far we’ve seen more than 49 million Vaccines. Doses Delivered through covid. Now that’s the International program set up to ensure Fair access to vaccines. But the leader said back in April That only 0.3 percent of vaccines Administered.

Around the world Had gone to people in low-income countries. So far it’s the us that has Promised more than four billion dollars. To covid Far more than any other country. But it Is sidestep calls to relax international Property rules to allow cheaper vaccines. The UK well has pledged 500 million Dollars. But along with other rich nations, There’s a question about what happens to Vaccines. That is surplus To domestic needs and aside from the Challenges faced by the g7 meeting.

It’s Emerged the Indian delegation Is now self-isolating. After two of its Members tested positive. They will now take part in the meeting Virtually Courtney Bembridge reports. Our wealthy nations doing enough to help Poorer countries tackle covert 19.


Indian delegates in UK for G7 talks self-isolate
Indian delegates in the UK for G7 talks self-isolate

That’s the question being put to g7 Foreign ministers. Who are meeting to consider new ways to Ensure fairer access to vaccine Stockpiles. The g7 countries are the world’s economic and political leaders. They’re also home to many of the world’s Vaccine producers. We will only solve the vaccine crisis With the leadership of these countries. Six months into the global vaccine Rollout and only 0.3 percent of the Doses administered around the world.

Have gone to people in low-income Countries contrast. That with the figures. We’re hearing from us Our goal by July 4th is to have 70 Of adults. Americans at least one shot and 160 million Americans fully vaccinated. That means giving close to 100 million Shots Some first shots others. Second shots over The next 60 days In India. Where coronavirus infections Are spiraling out of control.

Less than 10 percent of the population Has had their first jab. It doesn’t make moral sense for the Majority of people. To be in the queue Dying waiting for a vaccine. But was Still New variants keep coming the longer the Virus remains. Anywhere in the world, more variants Come.

That is resistant To the technology which exists and then, We are back to where we were Winnie b Unema founded the people’s Vaccine campaign to remove. Patent restrictions on covert 19 Vaccines and medicines To allow more countries to manufacture Doses. The world health organization supports The plan along with a hundred countries. Led by South Africa and India that are petitioning the world.

Trade organization To waive protections on intellectual Property the EU And UK say! they’ll oppose the move Critics say the proposal. Wouldn’t solve Supply chain delays Take Pfizer’s jab for example. The Company says it needs 280 components from 86 suppliers In 19 countries.

So even, if you waived The patent it would take months. If not Years to replicate Pfizer’s complex Supply chain. It may actually disincentivize  Any entity any commercial. The entity from Getting involved in vaccines and much in All as. We Love them or load them the commercial Entities have. The Professional resources to get a vaccine Into the Final use the top. Coronavirus advisor in The U.S.


Indian delegates in UK for G7 talks self-isolate
Indian delegates in the UK for G7 talks self-isolate

Dr. Anthony Fauci has warned the Plan Risks backfiring. If it leads to long Legal disputes The Biden administration is expected to Set out its position. At a world trade Organisation meeting on Wednesday Courtney Bembridge THE NEWS TODAY TNT news. So much to talk about with our global Health correspondent Naomi Grimley.

Who Joins me now G7 foreign ministers meeting lots of Talk. But is any one country putting Forward A proper proposal? That would work to Start? sort of Narrowing the gap on vaccines the answer. To that is no So far in terms of redistributing excess Doses.

You’ve had America give some four Million to Mexico a neighbor and to Canada a Neighbor. But of course, they are sitting on large Supplies including 60 million doses of that oxford AstraZeneca. Which hasn’t actually been Approved In us at the moment and when it Comes to A country like the UK. The UK has got in The pipeline Access to 517 million doses Of vaccine. Now obviously that is many more times than it needs to vaccinate. Its entire population.The only country that has actually sort Of put some proposals to Kovacs.

So far Is France it’s volunteered to give some To west Africa. But again a tiny amount, We’re talking about 500 000 doses. So not very much it wouldn’t really go very far in west Africa And overall Naomi the world does need more vaccines. We need to produce more What’s happening with the supply Chains at the moment.

Well, they’re Severely disrupted and this is a big problem because. The serum institute the biggest Vaccine maker in the world. Is obviously situated in India And they now need to keep those vaccine Doses for themselves And that means that the Kovac supply. So A big global project to get Vaccines to low and middle-income countries.

That Tap has essentially been turned off so Even a country like ghana. That was doing quite well getting Vaccines into arms Is now finding. That there just isn’t any Vaccine left And the other key issue that’s being discussed. As well and people have been Mentioning for Months what is going to happen in terms Of waiving. The patents for some of these Vaccines any progress there. So that has obviously gained momentum. You’ve got the who Backing also got you to know big Hitters like Gordon brown.

The former UK prime minister backing it. The big problem There is uh big western countries don’t Like the idea of you, know IP being watered down. IP Protection’s been watered down. They fear it would be a slippery slope And that’s why that proposal Just doesn’t seem to be breaking through And you heard in that piece there. That even dr Anthony Fathi. Who likes to Take a global view of things. Thinks that it could actually cause more problems. Then it would solve Particularly with Legal battles over vaccines.


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