Friday, September 17, 2021

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter Remarks on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day

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Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s Remarks on Joe Biden’s Inauguration Day

  • Jimmy Carter Says:
On the morning of my inauguration, I was rewriting my speech to add and quote in the aftermath of Watergate and the resignation of your predecessor.
I want to say to professor ford on behalf of the people of America thank you for healing our country.
I want to thank my predecessor for all, he has done to heal our land what the president says, during his inaugural address spelled out to the people.

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter

The most important things on which he will focus during his coming administration. My primary goal during my inaugural address was to keep the peace and to honor human rights.

The powerful must not persecute the weak and human dignity must be enhanced the most exciting memory. One of my favorites on inauguration day was walking along Pennsylvania avenue with my family,
The president should always be close to the people. I have the consolation to reflect that during my administration. we did not fire a single bullet, we did not drop a single bomb and we did not launch a single missile.

Jimmy Carter today
Jimmy Carter today

So, we had an administration without any awards. My hope is that Biden and harris will adopt the same goals, I had of giving their peace and honoring human rights much like when I was inaugurated.

We are again a nation in need of healing. I think joe and the camera can do that they can forge the appropriate union for all Americans.


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