Saturday, September 18, 2021

Liz Cheney Faces Growing Effort To Expel Her From GOP Leadership

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Liz Cheney Faces Growing Effort To Expel Her From GOP Leadership

The Republican party has already Made its turn. With house republicans on track To expel Liz Cheney from her Leadership post as early as next week, her likely replacement is Already auditioning for the job.

Unlike Cheney, Stefanik Embracing former president Trump, telling trump loyalists That president trump is the Leader and voice of the Republican party. Speaking to Steve Bannon.the news today tnt

my vision is to run with Suppor from the president and His coalition of voters. We are one team, and that means working with the president.

Reporter: house speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissing Stefanik. Maybe she’s more, shall we say, compliant.

It’s not my business. I don’t really know her.  reporter: Stefanik slamming That as a sick, sexist smear. Behind the scenes push to Remove Cheney highlighting the Former president’s grip on the Party.

Despite her conservative Credentials, Cheney has come Under fire for her vote to Impeach the former president Over his role in the January 6th Insurrection and her outspoken Criticism of Mr. Trump’s Baseless claims of election fraud.

Tweeting this week, the 2020 Presidential election was not Stolen. Anyone who claims it was is Spreading the big lie. Cheney in a scathing op-ed Urging her colleagues too,

the news today tntQuote, Steer away from the dangerous And anti-democratic trump cult Of personality. The former president slamming Cheney and offering his total Endorsement to Stefanik, who he Has praised before. >> did I not realize when she Opens that mouth, you are Killing them, elise.

Reporter: Stefanik faces her Own conservative critics, voting Against the former president’s signature achievement, the 2017 Tax cuts. But she’s embraced Mr. Trump’s Efforts to cast doubt on the 2020 election.

Senator Lindsey graham summing Up the future of the party like This.  can we move forward without President trump? The answer is no. I’ve always liked Liz Cheney, But she’s made a determination That the republican party cant Grow with president trump. I’ve determined we cant grow Without him.

Reporter: as for next week’s Expected leadership vote, Several house republican sources Tell NBC news conservatives are Weighing whether or not they’ll Back Stefanik.

This is the irony. While Cheney voted in line with Former president trump 93% of The time while in office, Stefanik supported his positions Only 78% of the time. Still, top Republicans have said.


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