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Breaking News : Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton

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Breaking News: Massive fire burns in the industrial area of Compton

The News Today TNT: We’re watching those winds very carefully right now. Not a problem. Okay. Speaking of the winds Wow! Look at this shot. Okay, so stupid. This is a very different shot than what we’ve been getting from me in the morning.

the news today tnt Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton
the news today TNT Massive fire burns in the industrial area of Compton

But it tells the story really tells the story. Yeah, Look at that. picture right there, And it does. It does tell the story photojournalism. That’s what it’s all about. This is a huge fire out in the Compton area that he’s pushing into what’s going On down there.

We’ve been talking about that bus yard in the flames have been making their way over to that bus yard, and firefighters were trying to slow that progression. Take a look at that. These Busses are on fire.

There’s more Busses in that shot right there and to add to all of this just moments ago, you can see some of those transformers right there in that shot on that power line, we saw two massive explosions showering the firefighters and the fire trucks down there in sparks from an electrical explosions from those transformers, and then the power went out. Not in the residential area,

So this is definitely the greatest setup correctly. That the residential home area was stayed lit. But all this area where the where the fire is still in darkness. Now, this is one of the problems that the firefighters have to deal with one of the many dangers that firefighters have to deal with. Some of those power lines may have fallen down, They might not be energized now, but the system doesn’t know what’s going on automated.

the news today tnt Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton
the news today TNTMassive fire burns in an industrial area of Compton

They saw the power lines may come back to life, and these firefighters have to deal and understand that so this is a dangerous situation.

For them as well. This happening in the Compton area, there’s going to be Santa Fe and Web When firefighters from Compton Fire first arrived out here that fire well established in that in that pallet area, and this is what’s burning down.

There’s a great shot many you can see this is that entire area that’s on fire, except for the bus is basically piles and piles of wood. Those air, just wooden pallets out there, along with some industrial equipment, some outbuildings and officer too, and we’ve been watching it. All of that has been catching fire this morning.

The heat so hot that Little bit of melting on some of these trucks before the flames actually got there. So that gives you an idea of the intensity of the heat in that same that bulk of that fire in the center of that yard.

That’s one of the reasons why those firefighters couldn’t make their way. Just kind of go into that yard and get right up on that, And I’m just hearing that we actually have some video where Vinnie was on a wide shot.

You just don’t know when these things explode. But this kind of shows you those states number of explosions out down there.

Electrical explosions as the fire department Battling these flames, and then all of a sudden you have these huge explosions going off and then one of them you can actually see those sparks and showering some of those fire trucks.

So this is what the firefighters are dealing with. This is how they’re trying to fight. This fire. Contain it. That’s all they can do right now. They can’t actually get in there and put that fire out. So they’re gonna let that fire burn.

Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton
Massive fire burns in industrial area of Compton

Basically those pallets burn, but what they can do is they can try to keep it from spreading to the other buildings out there. The major is in Compton. You can clearly see this. We’re very close to the one of five were very Most of the 7 10. But this morning five sky Fox, we could see this fire from the Kalinga past making our way down here. No injuries of firefighters, no interest civilians.

Ah lot of people will probably, you know, wondering, you know, Miles away. What is that? What’s going on? I’m sure they can also smell the smoke, particularly obviously, for people who live in the general vicinity. This is an industrial area, but it’s too pointed out.

There are houses down there about a block or so away from where this is burning. So obviously, those residents are wondering Probably what’s going on as well. And look at how the smoke just rises and spreads out over the entire area again. You can probably see not only, you know the glow of the fire, but you can certainly smell the smoke and then to add to everything else.

You have those transformers having exploded and look-see from Santa Monica here. Yeah This is from Santa Monica. And you can wow very dramatic, really, really powerful. Definitely gonna smell that on again to tow anti-everything else.

You have those transformers. Blowing up so you you know you don’t have power to a lot of the area, but you do have those live power lines that may still be a danger for firefighters.

So it really I think escalates the already dangerous job and challenges that they have a putting this fire out. Yeah, dangerous situation.


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