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#Stop Asian Hate​ A Movement Or a Trend?

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#StopAsianHate​ A Movement Or a Trend?

Breaking News: #StopAsianHate​ Stop Asian hate Actually currently a trend. Which is what I hate Finally. But anyway finally a movement.

#StopAsianHate​ A Movement Or a Trend
#StopAsianHate​ A Movement Or a Trend

I Can get behind, but today. We’re going to talk about Asian Racism, and as always. Let’s get into the news article. So, so far there have been peaceful Protests by the peaceful by the way and Not rights to do with Anti-rage Asian racism.

Which says a lot About anti-racism for Asians in itself. Anyway, there are a couple of problems with The hashtag stop Asian hate and the Whole movement. It does not hate that we’re getting. It’s racism And oppression hate is kind of a generic Term. Which doesn’t cast the full severity nor The weight Of oppression that.

We get yes I get that Big companies are posting about it. But The sad thing is Is that I know. It will die off because Let’s be real They do it to gain popularity in most Cases. They should have been doing it anyway to Start with because.


#StopAsianHate​ Trend
#StopAsianHate​ Trend

If there’s such a good company. You know you would think they would have. The integrity to seek it out And to stop in the first place. But Anyway like they The thing is they do it after it’s Politically correct to do. so and After it’s become a hashtag or a trend. This proves how People companies and social justice wars.

Just hop on the trends like that you Know And as far as I’m concerned this will do Like it. will do Something to halt Asian racism. but it Won’t do a whole lot. The news is the main thing that gets the Word out And that’s a problem Asian racism only Becomes the topic, Or an issue. When a black person talks About it And don’t say I’m racist for saying, Black because you know BLM stands for Black lives.

Matter not people of color by the way or And there’s something called. White Privilege, not caucasian privilege. so Anyway The only time. It becomes a problem is When the news makes an issue about it. Which they’ll probably do one or two articles then go back to Posting about worldly news And probably about BLM anyway. We’re not here to discuss that even though. We’ve kind of discussed it already.


But anyway Although like come on all of our Anti-Asian racism. Protests have been Peaceful Without looting and without arson. By the Way like We haven’t ridden once anyway. We’re gonna Talk about a similar topic to George Floyd. In fact two two two similar cases that Happened like George Floyd To do with Asians and yet people went Blind they literally turned on Birdbox.

They watched the movie bird box. Then went Bird box mode like. We’ve talked about Eric parser already the first case. That we’ve talked about an autistic Asian team. That died when a cop Sat on his throat for nine minutes.

By The way But we have another case to talk about Angelo Quinto. Was in fact an Asian that died after a Police officer Kneeled on his neck. He died on December 23rd Before Christmas. By the way which is Like His presence will never be opened. But it Shows the discrepancy. The lag time this was only reported by An Asian-American news source.

Three Months at that late three months late Even though. You know what I’m saying like yet. When It happens to someone else I.E.

You know George Floyd It’s reported on the day. That it Happened By every news source and you know when The same event happens to Asians. Twice there weren’t any big anti-Asian Racism movements And even if it’s talked about. It’s three months late the same with Eric parsa. talked about a year later after the Fact that. It’s happened And even when it’s talked about at. That It talks not to do with Asian Racism Asian Asian oppression.

But rather police brutality in which. It Shows the differences And the discrepancies when the same thing happens to Asians towards. The differences between both the Races Like with George Floyd. It was all racist Racist racist thief on the place. But when it happens to stations it’s Just like Police brutality and not racism at all. Which is Come on man, but anyway Angelo Quoted please don’t kill me and yet The cop still murdered him.

I say Murdered Because you know that other cat. That Another event that happened And the thing is this was reported only. By news sort by big news sources. A day Ago The lag time after it’s become Politically correct to talk about Asian racism and I hate that these news Companies and social justice warriors do That. It’s so obvious and the fact of the Matter. They just copy and paste their Articles. Like they don’t put any time effort.



You know what I mean. It just I can’t put It all into words. But it pisses me off. But They class what the police officer did As. The George Floyd technique allows me to compare George Floyd To eric parser And Angelo Quinto. Because they use the Same techniques on them Yet. The backlash is completely different And the exposure is completely different.

So eric had not been able to breathe For longer yet. It’s not as big as an Issue Angelo Quoted something similar to George. But uh that was still disregarded and It’s still not This still doesn’t have the same exposure. So, You know no one talked about this until three months after. It happened With Angelo and probably a year after.

It Happened to eric parser And coincidentally the only reason. It’s Talked about is After the stop Asian hate Hashtag. Which is You know me. you’re talking about that Shut the heck up. I’ve been talking about Asian racism for the past two years. Okay, so tell me is Asian racism Anti-Asian Racism a trend wasn’t actually an issue. 


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