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Myanmar military coup: Security forces shoot nine protesters dead as tensions flare

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Myanmar military coup: Security forces shoot nine protesters dead as tensions flare

At least nine people have been shot dead. As tensions flare in Myanmar As the violence escalates diplomatic. Efforts are also being stepped up Britain is calling for another meeting Of the united nations security. council Liam where kitt will have more on the Diplomatic maneuverings in Just a moment.

Myanmar military coup
Myanmar military coup

But first a look at how Things stand across the country. Turmoil on the streets of Myanmar a day After a regional diplomatic push to end. The crisis Made little headway security forces Fired rubber bullets and tear gas As they charge towards protesters In central Myanmar a tense. Standoff Quickly turned Deadly with at least four people shot Dead. Two hours drive away in Mandalay there Are also reports of fatalities.

But that hasn’t scared protesters away. Many Using new tactics to deal with the use Of force For instance using fire extinguishers, or Smoke grenades to mask their movements, Or forming human chains to pass each Other plastic bags of water. As a culture to tear gas In Yangon the arrests. Continue hundreds More have been detained Including six journalists one of them.

Live-streamed a nighttime raid on his Apartment And was seen urging police not to shoot  State. The media have blamed agitators for The unrest accusing them of mobilizing People On social media and forming illegal Organizations. As the violence on the street blares Ousted president within Has been hitched with two new charges. Aung San Suu Kyi Also faces four charges. Here to join us for more why kid police Are cracking down hard on protesters.

Yeah that’s right it’s another day of Deadly violence and this As you’ve said earlier comes just a day. After ASEAN had urged Myanmar to Basically stop with the killing. What this tells us is that the security forces are not going to step down on Their deadly Security. Enforcement efforts at the same time. We’re also seeing how protesters Are evolving With their defense tactics. We’re going To bring up some pictures on your Screens now.

Myanmar military coup news
Myanmar military coup news

So, you can have a better Idea Of what? I’m saying these are filmed on Wednesday and these Protesters are using materials to make their own sandbags to protect. Themselves from bullets shields of Course as we’ve seen.  Police violence against protesters. You’ve seen all these earlier from our Earlier story. I’m going to also talk About how Protesters are segregating themselves From one another they have. At least three lines of defense to Be Able to escape easily.

You’ve also seen Now on your screens medics. As well as earlier um people. Who have Been giving out food. This one here really if you. If you Notice from your screens the police are Actually approaching the protesters and  Protesters are now using fire. Extinguishers to sort of mask Uh the progress of the police officers. Now all these of course. I’m sharing In the context of how the protest Movement has evolved especially in the last week.

In the face of more deadly violence on The security forces part. How is the military portraying the ASEAN Foreign minister’s meeting? Well surprisingly, it did run a Front-page story on the state paper. But not surprisingly it was very little On details. It did mention That there was such a meeting. But Nothing about how Other media had reported on  Especially for ASEAN to ask Myanmar to Free leaders.

As well as To halt violence What Myanmar state. Media wrote really Was about a very broad range of topics. They said they discussed Things such as ASEAN Community Engagement as well as. How the army had to explain to its ASEAN Neighbors. That you know there was Electoral fraud and the progress of the Electoral.

Myanmar military coup
Myanmar military coup news

Investigation but I must also point out That Under miss Aung San Suu Kyi administration. The very same state paper operated in Similar fashions. If there were a big Meeting a regional meeting for instance. They would list who had attended. The meeting but the contents. Will also Be similarly brief And wiki the un is now reviewing Myanmar’s representative. That’s right now the board is really in The court of the U.N.

They have received two very different Letters one from john montane and the Other from the Myanmar army. Now if you Recall jomo tun Was an overnight hero basically. When he Publicly Denounced Myanmar’s military coup. When there was a U.N general assembly session shortly After that the Myanmar army fired him and Said that those actions Amount too high treason now. The army had also sent a letter to the u.S saying. That his deputy Is now the representative of the Myanmar At the U.N,  U.N is still reviewing this situation But as I said previously. It would be very interesting to see.

Un’s Stand because I’ve mentioned before that there’s a Credentials committee in the un, Which Will look at all these posts and all These Assignments these posts are usually sent From Governments, or heads of states or Foreign affairs ministries of those countries. So, it will be very interesting. To see How un decides on this matter.


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