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Pelosi allegedly dodged Capitol metal detectors

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Pelosi allegedly dodged Capitol metal detectors, Nancy Mace reacts

The news today tnt Welcome back, aoc faced Backlash this week for her Depiction of her experience During the capitol riots, not a Good week for nancy Pelosi Herself. She reportedly bypassed a Political detector in the Capitol. Joining me Carolina Congresswoman nancy may, thank You so much.

the news today tnt
the news today TNT

You really got into it, the thing that interested me, her Reaction to you being in a very Sober away pointing out facts, Was really extreme. She came back at you with a Series of really aggressive Tweets. It said this person does not Like being challenged. 

right, and honest to Goodness, I started out after The media’s depiction of her. And then very next day I just Tweeted one sentence, said there Were not insurrectionists in the Mall way, I — in the hallway, I Was two doors down from here. And it has been mass hysteria And living rent-free according To her as well.

That is mind-boggling it is not The American way. Steve: I agree. It was weird. Let’s move on to Pelosi’s story. This is so typical. You know say one thing do Another. Rules for them not for me.  do as I say, typical politics In dc. You know, clarity there is Nothing constitutionally that is Prehibbed prohibit a seated mem Congress from taking a vote, What we’re doing is know,

the news today tnt
the news today TNT

Unconstitutional, she the not Live by her own rules, it is not surprising. Steve: they will never change. I want to get into territory, I Was talking with senator Blackburn about that is Looking Ahead to the future, you have just got there. But you know, frustrating for Republicans to not have the power to do things.

We hear about unity, and Yeah. People want to work together This a one-way conversation Right now. Democrats just want it their way And only their way. Steve: in terms of the Republican party, it feels that there is a lot of focus on Division.

But I don’t know, I feel like There is a lot to unify, I think That if you look at what I Describe as positive populism. Out of the trump years that Focus on workers and America First there is a lot of policy Items there. That I think the vast majority Of party can get behind, and Focus on, it a winning message.

If we can get past the Division and distractions, I This week, I was in an episode of Jerry springer, we have to get Our kids back in school, people To work. We have to get vaccinations in Arms, there so much work to be done to get through the pandemic Gesture economy back and

get Our economy back, there is so Much word we have to do, but We’re distracted by this is a Vision, and social media, it is A, it is very frustrating, Because were repaid a good amount Of money to do a job, we need to Be working. Steve: Right. Not going on — we have the Impeachment next week that is not helping.

Do you think that once that is Out of the way, you and your Colleagues can get back to that Kind of positive focus you are Talking about?

the news today tnt
the news today TNT

We have to if you want to Win back the house in two years And expect next week with I Senate literally cannot do any Other business while there an Impeachment trial, we have to Hit pause for the week next week. Then, there are so many other opportunities to work together. An infrastructure package, I Would love to see that in a Mccouple of months.

In a couple of months, Question is, with all money Spent during covid-19, how do we Pay for it no one is willing to Talk about, that we could put a Great package together, but how Do we make cuts elsewhere to pay For it? 

Steve: right, that is a Great Way to end it. Something positive. Please come back and talk with Us more about that and other things, I think that people are Yearning for that positive Agenda. And real change.

And I think that we have the right arguments, and the right people, you are there. Fighting for it too, great thank You.


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