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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns

Italy is entering another period of political turbulence after, the Resignation of the prime minister. Giuseppe Conte, He hopes that Italy’s head of state President Sergio matarella, Will asks him to try to form a new Stronger alternative government.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Well, Mr. Conte lost his majority in the Senate last week after Italia viva. A small party led by the former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.  we’ve been Anticipating this resignation. We have gita because uh! without a Majority In the upper house of parliament.

which Is what happened last week when. When Giuseppe Conte lost it, Would have been a torturous process to Get any legislation at all through Parliament.

There would have been horse Trading And negotiations on any kind of Legislative step and facing Another vote later on this week on Passing a piece of legislation. It was thought that Giuseppe Conte Decided to quit before, he lost that vote.

He has now gone to see the president Here in Italy and as a quirk of Italian Politics. when a prime minister resigns.

He might simply just return the following Weeks of negotiations to try to Build a new strengthened coalition.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resignsHe will argue that In the midst of a pandemic that has killed more than 85 000 Italians on And on and unleashed the worst economic crisis since the second world war.

Now is not the time to plunge Italy into Fresh elections However, if he fails to get the Numbers needed to command a parliamentary majority. That task would Fall to other political leaders And if all else fails then yes Italy Would be facing fresh elections.

Who is he going to be reaching Out to and how? will that change the sort Of focus, Of the government given that you know there has been. This criticism on The whole handling of the pandemic.

Yeah, he’ll be reaching out to various Centrist members of the opposition Trying to peel them away. To focus minds to give them a kind of sense of urgency. now to Come together in what he will call an A government of national salvation,

Uh! to try to lead Italy through the very Difficult next few months and there’s Another factor in all of this Qita. This is what opinion polls suggest that. If elections were to be held Now then a right-wing coalition. Would come into power and the biggest party.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte resigns

Would be the Far-right League party led by the fire Firebrand Nationalist Mateo Salvini and so Mr. Conte will argue. Will hope that that potential threat Would Focus enough minds among centrist Politicians to kind of Rally behind him.

Decide to form a new coalition led by him but, Nothing is certain in this country of Course, and uh Italy’s 66th government, Since the second world war comes to a Close Uh but, possibly uh Italy’s 29th prime Minister since the second world war Will simply return as Italy’s. 29th prime Minister since the second world war. 


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