Saturday, September 18, 2021

Raab warns UK at risk of third wave of coronavirus

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 Raab warns the UK at risk of the third wave of coronavirus

If this doesn’t work if this process doesn’t work and infection rates start to go back up again are we facing a third wave in January and February well there’s a risk of that, if we don’t get the balance right.  But so far the r level is coming down. That’s really important and that’s why?  We’re with the tiered approach more restricted than some people would like than previously. But that allows us to ease up but only if you don’t get the behavior. You want now and through Christmas.

We could have another National lockdown early next year well, look. We’re doing everything, we can to avoid that and that’s why the five criteria?  If you like that guide the level of tears but also the review points are the prevalence of the disease it could happen it could happen and if it had to happen. You would back it there you know, I’m just asking, you but you’re getting well ahead.

I’ve explained the Government’s uh exit strategy from uh frankly the current set of restrictions. We move to localized, we aim for that vaccine being distributed in the spring and the two things that are crucial are a tiered approach from a position of strength and confidence with areas coming down the level of restrictions. Once it’s safe and responsible to do? So and the community-wide testing 12 million people already tested.

We’ve seen in Liverpool and that can really be a force for change. They’ve now come into a lower level um tier and that’s a great credit to the authorities up there working with the Government and frankly the forbearance and the stamina of the people in that area. We need to see that Nationwide that’s, how we get to spring and a much better place.

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