Friday, September 17, 2021

Republicans say Biden is getting ‘free pass’ on Texas response

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Republicans say Biden is getting ‘free pass’ on Texas response

Both Republican senator ted Cruz and President Biden, are under the microscope Tonight But, are both sides getting a fair shake.

Biden is getting 'free pass' on TexasNo question the media has been having a Field day. When it comes to ted Cruz for His trip to Cancun while his Constituents. Were left freezing in the dark Cruz has Repeatedly apologized.

But that didn’t stop the heat The unmitigated disaster in texas and by That of course we mean ted Cruz. Well, there he is on a plane snake on a Plane right there Headed ironically to the very place. He was tried to build a Wall around Flying Ted Cruz. He has been totally shamed Exposed.

I wonder who he’s going to blame. Do you think it’s going to be the media, Or the left, or both but president Biden Has been Largely spared from any criticism? over His response to the devastating storms In texas.

Where nearly half the state remains Under boil water advisories. Others still struggling to get basics Like food Dozens of deaths have been linked to the Brutal weather. So, for the supply sent by Fema Blankets drinking water and only 60 Generators for the entire state. Well, they have arrived but tonight we Spoke to an Austin resident.

Biden is getting 'free pass' on TexasWho says they just received their first First batch of fresh drinking water. This Evening Critics on the right say given all of That. Why is Biden getting a pass for Taking? so, long To publicly mention the disaster in Texas.

Here’s the timeline of events. We know it The storm began in Texas on February 14th. Biden signed an emergency declaration That same day, Thursday, February 18th texas governor Abbott Requests a Major disaster declaration Biden tweets that.

He has spoken to Governor Abbott Thursday night. Today Biden speaks publicly about texas For the very first time saying.

He’ll Sign the major disaster declaration Unlocking more supplies for the state as soon as. It gets to his desk And he says. He may visit there next week Biden also said. the speed of his Response Has nothing to do with politics.

There’s no red or blue it’s all about Commitment that American. People make to One another and so, we’re going to Sign that declaration once it’s in front Of me, and god willing. It will bring a lot of relief to a lot of Texans. Now it may be the Biden administration Pulled all the right levers behind the Scenes to bring help to texas.

But considering the magnitude of this storm and all of the lives in jeopardy. The president’s late comments, don’t make For great Optics Kristen back to you.


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