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Breaking news San Diego’s Andra Day Takes Home Best Actress Golden Globe

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Breaking news: San Diego’s Andra Day Takes Home Best Actress Golden Globe

The 78th golden globe Los Angeles san Diego’s Andra Day took home, the Best Actress award for the United States. forest Billie holiday Sam Rubin has all the big Winners. Highlights from There were memes and Memories of plenty on a Decidedly unusual golden Globes first-time.

Andra Day
Andra Day

Winner Jason Said a cuss winning for his Title role as ted lasso gave a Speech. That was so rambling And one boy fellow nominee. Don Cheadle had to given the rapid Upside in the virtual Pressroom.

I asked Jason about What we all just saw, what did You think it’s getting a lot Of attention on social don Cheadle ys. Wrapping up direction while A, if you want to listen all Those you know a lot of people. Don’t know that he’s a Well. You know American acting Might give us that’s.

You guys got jobs Other moments that Generated headlines, a Boseman for his work in ma Rainey’s black bottom and a Deeply heartfelt acceptance Speech from his widow. He was saying he would have His parents. Saying, And their Sacrifice.

The golden globe goes To, And Prize win for singer turned Actress Andra day for the United States versus Billie Holiday. This is her first Ever professional acting gig And she was over the moon. Thank you so much to just Everybody. Who was a part of This incredible project baron Cohen Big wins for boron?

Breaking news San Diego's Andra Day Takes Home Best Actress Golden GlobeSasha baron cohen was pleased To be a double golden globe Recipient. I don’t know trump Contesting the he’s claiming. That a lot of people banks in Which is a very thing to say About nomad land was an unexpected Winner. Tonight receiving the Award for both best director, And best drama. The woman Who made the movie spoke on Behalf of the self.

Now this is why fell in With making movies and telling stories because they give us a And you give us a chance to learn from each other. More Compassion for each other. So, Thank you, everyone made it possible for me to do it.

Andra DayWhat I Love. Thank you very much. On the tv side, Schitt’s Creek and the crown both had Extraordinary evenings. I Asked the actress who played Margaret thatcher Gillian Anderson. What it meant to be part of the sweep.

Certainly is going to be you. Know the crown sweeps the Golden globes. Does that make This feel even more special? Your own individual success And the overall success of the Show definitely.

It doesn’t I Was the one in the It got, and I was sweating a Little hoping to not be the only one. Didn’t end you know Taking on the job. It will be Audiences respond to this new Golden globes. We won’t know About that until the ratings Come out sometime.


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