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Smeargle Pokemon Go | How DO You Capture Smeargle in Pokémon GO?

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Smeargle Pokemon Go | How DO You Capture Smeargle in Pokémon GO? Here’s How!

What’s up guys, Welcome to the Smeargle Pokemon Go Johto celebration event. If we go into our pokemon go game. We see A beautiful scene of ho-oh One of generation two legendary Birds And a great pokemon to battle and go Battle league.

smeargle pokemon go
smeargle pokemon go

We are rewarded with a Ho At the end of the limited research. Chain Here in the Jojo celebration event. So, When you complete this. You’ll get a hoe with an earthquake with a Shiny potential. But, that’s not why we’re here today for the Collection challenge. Which rewards you with a small amount of Rewards Requires us to collect a certain number Of pokemon,

Now at the top right, You’ll see that. I’ve already collected It. But, how do you get Smeargle? I see a lot? Of people wondering is it from incense Is it from raids do. I have to wait for a certain time of day. Nope, none of the above getting smeargle Is pretty simple and you can do it in Probably five minutes or less.

pokemon go smeargle

If you’re lucky just a few seconds, Follow me as I Rubik’s guy take you. Along the journey of how to find Your very own smear goal. You have access To get one smeargle per day And the shiny is currently not available As of the production of this video.

So, here’s how we do it open your pokemon Go settings And scroll down to Niantic as this Allows. You to place your pokemon in the Environment with you, However, we don’t need it on right now it justsmeargle pokemon go makes this whole thing Slower.

So, turn Niantic are off Open your pokemon storage and choose any Pokemon you want. It can be your buddy but it doesn’t have To choose any pokemon. you want And click on the camera icon underneath. The favorite menu Hold up your pokemon and take a snapshot And you see, I got this miracle first try hit the Back out button on the top left.

Smeargle will appear in your photo And if you want to take the photo Without smeargle just swipe over And you can share from here also. You’ll See At the bottom right of the screen the Snapshot preview flashes three times. To give you an alert that hey yeah Smeargle’s here so just keep an eye out.

pokémon go smeargle

For that At which point smeargle will spawn on Your map and he will stay there. I believe for the entire day. If you don’t catch him.SO, don’t do this if you’re like driving Down the road as a passenger. Because Smeargle will appear And you’ll drive past him and you won’t Be able to click him unless you get back To that spot.

If you’re not quick enough, he will spawn Where you took the photo. When he Appeared At which point you can tap into smeargle Give him a pineapple area. Or whatever And catch your very own smeargle now. I’ve caught dozens of these already. Because it’s been around for a few years. So, let’s take a look at the lives of this Miracle it can run from you. so, give it a Golden if you absolutely need it, And once again it cannot currently be Shiny zero 12 10.

smeargle pokemon goIf you want to learn how to read Pokemon go ivs link up there in the Corner. To a video, I made now here’s a few tips To getting this miracle. You will not get it the first time Always it seems like recently. they’ve Been boosting the chances to get Smeargle And you can only get one a day. so, I Could sit here for the Other five hours left today and keep Taking snapshots.

I will not get Another one, You only get one smeargle per day also, Smeargle will get the moveset of the Pokemon that you took a picture of so Peck and psychic. If I look at the haunt Crow that’s the moves that it had as Well. Smeargle really has no use so it’s kind Of like hey cool. I got a smeargle with a Mewtwo booth set.

So, if you want you can get any moveset, You want on your Smeargle. I think there Are some limitations. I’m not sure If it can learn to transform. I’m not sure but, I’m sure you guys will Post that in the comments.

Now here’s what? I see some people doing That doesn’t work. If you open a pokemon and you go to take A snapshot of it. I will see them go crap. I didn’t get a smeargle another pick just keep Spam this button.

You get one chance per pokemon you. Didn’t get it Back out to the map open your pokemon Storage again and choose any other Pokemon it can even be, the same one it Doesn’t matter Take a pic back out back to the map. Open your pokemon take a pic Back out it’s that fast.

How to complete johto collection challengeI just tried Like four times to get smeargle Just keep doing that open a pokemon. Click the picture Take a pic back out to the map. If you got it you’ll see the preview of Smeargle. You see the bottom flash Another tip. if you don’t want the photos Cluttering up your photo library For ios. this is how you do it?

I don’t Know about android Open your settings on your phone. Go down to pokemon go all the way Here click on photos .put it on never That way whenever you take a snapshot it. It Will not be saved to your camera library. So, thank you for watching this is the Guide to get smeargle Remember open a pokemon take a photo of It.

You’ll either get smeargle or you won’t In the photo. If you do it spawns in the Wild next to you. If you don’t back out to the map and try Again, don’t just keep spamming the photo Button on one pokemon. You have to back out fully and then go Back in now. I have seen some people report that they just can’t get smeargle.

Now I don’t know if that’s because They’re not doing the method properly or If there’s something glitched in the Game. Because pokemon go does tend to Have glitches like this. You can always open your items scroll Down to the camera. Which I never use is Pretty much An extra step.

How to complete johto collection challengeChoose your pokemon from There And take a snapshot of it. So, if you’re Not getting it to show up after a few Minutes from snapshotting within the Pokemon inventory. Like this, you can choose the camera icon In your bag. You can try taking pictures of your buddy. It should work just fine. I’ve never had Any issues With it working from just opening the Pokemon storage Taking a picture There.

So, if you’re looking for a good smeargle. You can get some cool move sets on it. But mainly it’s just the Pokedex entry. And once they release the shiny. Now you know how to get it maybe they’ll Change the method then but for now.

That is how you get smeargle, that is the only way you can run in incense for the Rest of your life. You will never get One on an incense. You’ll never see one In a raid As of the release of this Article hope you Guys enjoyed this. Thanks for reading go grab your Pokedex Smeargle complete your Johto collection Challenge.

Before it ends and claims that Sweet sweet extra 30 cents worth of items Jameson Rubik’s. Guy out And I should also add that my green Screen is down. But needed to film this Part During certain events like community day. Or team rocket takeovers or did the Detective Pikachu promotion.

How DO You Capture Smeargle in Pokémon GO?We had a While ago. You can also encounter certain pokemon Through snapshots other than smeargle. so, On those days if you want your smeargle. I believe you have to get it before the event triggers. otherwise, you’ll only get The snapshot pokemon. So, every community day we have access to Five Pokemon from snapshots. so, just use any Of these methods to take a snapshot of a Pokemon.

It’ll be like machop punching up from The last community day or Roselia coming Up And then it will spawn on the map you Catch that pokemon. Take another snapshot and you can, get up To five snapshots during those special Events For that special pokemon, it works the Same way as smeargle You.


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