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Breaking news: Texas Football’s new head coach will make $34.2M

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Texas Football’s new head coach will make $34.2M

The university of texas is pulling out All the stops to keep the head coach. Steve Sarkisian in the capital city,

Texas head coach
Texas head coach

And in return ut hopes. He’ll bring home Some big wins To longhorn nation. It’s time to go to Work According to the texas tribune. Stark’s Six-year contract is worth at least 34 Million dollars And in his first year alone.

He’ll make 5.2 million That’s nice if he steals the horns. Head Coach at the end of 2024. He’ll get another 1.2 million dollars Just because,

But the money flow doesn’t stop there Texas athletics is giving him a quarter. Million as relocation and temporary Housing allowance and guys. We’re not done yet coach sark will also Get two vehicles.

20 hours of private airplane use per Year. Now if you’re wondering coach stark’s Starting salary is more than 5 million Dollars. More than former head coach tom herman’s And cotermin Is still owed 15 million over.

Texas Football's head coach will make $34.2M
Texas Football’s head coach will make $34.2M

The next three years This proves even more the longhorns have A lot of hope. That coach Sarkisian will put texas. Right-back in the championship Conversation very soon. We’re here to Chase greatness to win championships.

That’s why I’m here, and I truly believe That day will come. I don’t think it’s going to take us As long as many might think, In Austin.


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