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Texas GOP’s voting restriction bill passes key House vote

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Texas GOP’s voting restriction bill passes key House vote

Breaking news, new developments in the Progress of a bill changing the way we vote in texas. Our Brandon walker is live in an Early voting location in Southwest Houston with the Latest. Brandon, it was a long night in Austin.

Reporter: yeah, it was a very long night, Lisa. Lawmakers did not wrap up sb7 in The house until 3:00 this Morning. At this polling location, what Happens here very clearly would Be affected if sb7 is signed Into law by the governor. Into law by the governor.  8 sb7 passing the third Reading.

Reporter: the moment where The g.O.P. Controlled texas House passed the elections bill. This, amid a rally in the halls Of the capitol.  they are intended to make it harder for Texans to cast a Ballot.

Reporter: and outside. What passed is a bill that Mirrors sb7 which already passed The senate. Sb7 would limit voting hours, Prohibit drive-thru voting, and Make it illegal for local Elections officials to Proactively send mail-in ballots To qualified voters.

SB7Supporters of the g.O.P. Backed Bill say it is to prevent voter Fraud, something critics say is Not the problem in Texas. Democrats were able to get in 20 Amendments to the bill before it passed. They include lowering initially Proposed enhanced criminal Penalties for alleged voter fraud.

They also allow poll watchers to Be removed if they breach the Peace, and the state would Create an online format for Tracking early ballots, but some 180 texas-based businesses and Community leaders penned this Letter this week to lawmakers Urging them not to pass the Bill, calling it wrong and bad For business.

So, what happens next now that This vote has gone into place in The house? Both chambers of the legislature Go through and negotiate before The bill is sent to the Governor’s desk for signing. The governor pushed for this so Very likely. likely it will be passed into law.


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