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Texas Gov pushes back on Biden’s energy agenda

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Texas Gov pushes back on Biden’s energy agenda with executive action

The News Today TNT –  governor Greg Abbott Going on the defensive against The Biden administration’s Climate agenda. texas is going to protect the Oil and gas industry from any Type of hostile attack launched From Washington dc.


I have an executive order That I’m about to sign that will Direct every state agency to use All lawful powers and tools to Challenge any federal action That threatens the strength, vitality, or independence Of the energy industry in Texas. Will: let’s bring in the texas land Commissioner.

Will: what lawful means, what Tools does texas have to Push Back against executive orders From president Biden? well, first, as it relates to The keystone pipeline, our Office is assessing the Exposure that we have to the State portfolio to the pipeline, In other words, trying to pause The action of this dangerous Liberal-progressive idea. As it relates to the federal Leasing of oil and gas production, thankfully, or texas Not controlled by the feds.

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But if you look at blue states Like new Mexico, half of their Potentially will be production Frozen, and they’re looking at a Billion dollar hit to their Upcoming budget because of this Action alone, at the toke of a Pen. So – a stroke of a pen.

So, it’s a very dangerous Previous that’s being set by The president, and the governor Rightfully is standing up for an important industry for our State. Will: I think the governor gave That press conference in the midland / Odessa area.

We’ve talked to people from South Dakota, other areas, you Mentioned new Mexico where jobs Could be immediate when losses come to these Executive Orders. What is texas looking at when it Comes to job losses from the Energy sector? well, the pandemic already Had an impact.

If you look at the beginning of The pandemic when oil was priced Negatively, it certainly had its Impact, goal if there’s a Resilient industry, it’s the oil And gas industry. In ’09 it was actually the oil And gas industry that created One out of every three new jobs Nationally just in oil-producing States like a bear.

Of so for the president to talk About job creation and to go Against the wishes of even the Union leaders and several Democrats in the congress that Are in oil-producing states too. Present thesis order – implement Thesis orders are, again, it’s a Hostile takeover of an industry That’s the lifeblood for the Nation’s economy. Of. Will: absolutely.

Make climate consideration year Essential element on foreign Policy and national security, And here we go, this is what you just talked about, breaks new Oil and gas leases on public Lands, federal lands, offshore Waters. Directs federal agencies to Eliminate toes fill fuels – Toes fill fuel subsidies by 2030, also establishes a Civilian climate corpse.

Do you think – body. Do you think texas can Successfully push back on these Executive orders?

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Absolutely. Absolutely. We’ve done it in the past. Is so when I was first Elected, I got elected in the Middle of the Obama Administration. We succeed in the Courthouse won a bid to abolish Hydraulic fracturing in texas at The city level. We’ve also fought back on the Endangered species act and other measures that were undertaken by The left not only in state Government, federal goal Government.

So historically, if you look at, You know, texas, we’ve been able To maintain our state lands Since the republic days of 1836, So I’m confident. Goal even people like Obama, you know, even though they were Against the keystone pipeline, They didn’t sign an executive order shutting down an important Infrastructure piece in a Partnership with Canada and Making sure we can be energy Secure.

I would rather we create American jobs and leverage American resources rather than Relying upon the middle east and Other sources of foreign energy. Will: Right. Jobs from Canada down to the Gulf coast affected by the Stroke of a pen.


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