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‘To Grapple With The Donald Trump Who Was President’

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House Impeachment Managers Forcing GOP ‘To Grapple With The Donald Trump Who Was President’

News today That went down at the capitol on January 6th. We start with Garrett. I noticed you tweeted about the Conduct of some of the members. Who was not paying attention?

THE NEWS TODAYTell us about what josh Hawley Was doing. >> reporter: I think that was one of the two main takeaways From the last hour. The intractable nature of trying To get some of the folks in the room. To actually engage with the Material and be present and take This seriously.

Josh Hawley who made his disdain Clear in public comments is Doing the same thing in the Chamber. All the senators have the option To use the gallery, the upstairs Area for seating for social Distancing. Josh Hawley is the only one Taking advantage.

He’s been sitting with his legs Up reading, nonrelated material. In the 20 minutes or so I was in The chamber now, I didn’t see Him look down at all to engage With any of the conversations. That was going on on the floor.

Some of my colleagues who are in. The chamber said there were a few moments talking about some Of the individuals. Who was charged with crimes related to This in which he did engage? Making his feeling about the Entire proceedings pretty clear. >> Garrett, what is the impact Among those who are paying attention to Donald trump’s own Words.


It seems what the house managers Have succeeded in doing today is To erase any doubt that. Donald Trump by retweeting and Amplifying the calls for violence from his supporters. Knew exactly which direction Things were heading on January 6th. Rrn the house managers were able To do something. I struggle to do Every day up here. That’s getting republican senators To admit they have seen tweets.

This has been an ongoing battle On capitol hill for the last Four years with republican Lawmakers. Who has engaged in Some ways with Donald trump of Their own imagining, or the Donald trump that they wished Was president, and what we have seen over the last couple of Hours? Were these impeachment Managers forcing them to grapple With Donald Trump? Who was President and who campaigned for The office and started this time Line towards incitement in the Argument of the managers? months Before the actual attack on January 6th.


I think in that way, it appears Hard to judge until somebody casts a vote that the arguments Are effective to remind. The Lawmakers who went to Great Lengths to avoid engaging with Everything that the former President had to say, they Didn’t say the things and just The speech on January 6th is not What’s on trial here. It’s the long months build up That created the possibility of That moment. I think that’s what the managers Were focusing on the tweets for. To be a layman, skillfully.

We’ll see if republican Lawmakers are willing to engage With it now. >> I want to you something Personal. You speak in some personal Terms, one of the most powerful moments of the morning again Delivered by Congressman Jamie Raskin. Who quoted police Officers who after protecting. The building and fighting for Their own lives crumbled into Tears and said what the f.

The news today

What the If was that Is this America? That seemed to be the question On the table for everyone in That building. >> reporter: I think that’s Right. I was here on the 6th and one of the First People to get permission To go back into the capitol once They reopened it and seeing the Police officers resting on their Body armor in the same hallways. Where I talked to lawmakers was A powerful thing for me to see.

I think grappling with that is The kind of thing that could Make this more real for the Senators acting as a jury here. The capitol police, these are people you know. These are people who you see at The same doors every day.

You see working the same shifts. You might have the same, pick up The same conversation every day. When you go through the metal Detector and to dismiss the Broader politics of this in ways That some the republican Senators have tried to do Discounts the experience of These people. who are paid to Defend them? Make no mistake, this is Congress’s private police force. Their number one job is to.


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