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Tom Hanks New Movie | News of the World 2021

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Tom Hanks New Movie | News of the World 2021

This is a tom hanks new movie “News of the World” review. this return to the classic western genre and does this movie have oscar potential?

"News of the WorldYou see you know at first this is kind of like a mission. News of the World, It’s something that, I feel obligated to do because! I don’t want this girl to end up in the wrong hands. But as we progress obviously there’s going to be a bit of a bond being formed between both of them.

The girl begins to open up as well because at first. We don’t even necessarily know where she is from or what her purpose was here in the first place and it’s that bond it’s that relationship that carries us through this.

Entire film and you read in the summary yes there are both human and natural dangers along the way. I think both in terms of tension were filmed exquisitely. The human danger the shootout scene is, what I’m going to call it even though there was much more to it than.

That-uh was really entertaining and that in my opinion is the best part of the movie now there’s another scene. Where we encounter uh somewhat of a natural barrier between, where they’re going and where they are and that was great as well and you can really feel the emotion in that scene.

tom hanks new moviesIt was like sucking the air out of the room. I was in I was feeling uncomfortably unable to breathe almost like our characters and it was great now the movie isn’t perfect right.

I was hoping this would be kind of the best picture nominee. maybe! slip its way and be this good. because! we saw captain Phillips. I mean that combination between green grass and hanks is a really good combo less action-packed.

It’s actually probably the least action-packed movie. We’ve seen from paul Greengrass maybe ever and the pacing just like a movie like hostels. Is one that is going to really push people away. I see a lot of people being bored by this film and honestly.

I understand because there were moments that really took me out of it and I said why does this come across as just as important as this other moment.

That we should have been focusing on yet for some reason. We’re here for five minutes or it’s a slow trudge until the next scene now. The next thing that, we get to is great.

We still have to go through that slow trudge so, because of that maybe! I didn’t feel as into it. I wanted to at times and it does somewhat take you out of it.

But once you reach those grand beautiful western-esque moments. They’re awesome there were also a couple of moments. Where we implemented CGI that, I don’t think worked all that well. It just didn’t look great and I do think predictability is a bit of an issue here.

News of the World I know it’s more about the journey and the journey is solid but, it is a bit of a negative for me and just the idea behind this film traveling to tell the news is not something that. You feel like would resonate a lot with you but, we’re back at a time where this was so important.

Maybe more important than people even realized and especially today with so many different ways to take in your news and it feels so easy to us. now it was very difficult for people back then.

Um! so, at the end of the day, I think news of the world is definitely worth a watch if! you’re a fan of the genre, if you’re not a big western fan, I don’t know if I would recommend it.

But overall predictability aside the film features a heartfelt performance from Hank and an engaging return to the classic. Definitely, The more classic western genre. if you guys enjoyed this review. If you’re a fan of the genre or if you’re planning on seeing this in theaters on December 25th. let me know! You want a 70 a 7 out of 10 for news of the world, not the oscar caliber movie that maybe! I expected still a good film and a lot of restraint shown from green grass this time.

Around less of the shaky cam close-up shots something different. Get a lot of grand uh beautiful shots of the location here. I think from a production design perspective maybe cinematography something like that.

That could be nominated for an oscar. Uh! the score may be a bit disappointing. But it wasn’t bad for sure. so thank you guys so much for watching appreciate it big time stay tuned for more News. 


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