Saturday, June 12, 2021

Trump impeachment trial with Pelosi plows ahead

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Trump impeachment trial with Pelosi plows ahead

You mentioned unity as a message with unity. Yesterday are you at all concerned about moving forward with an impeachment trial that could undercut that message and alienate.

Republican supporters of the president, no no I’m not worried about that, you must remember and we must bring this in. It looks that’s our responsibility to uphold the integrity of the congress of the united states that are our responsibility to protect and defend the constitution of the united states.

 Trump impeachment trial
Trump impeachment trial

And that is what we will do and just because he’s now gone thank god that you don’t say to a president do whatever? You want in the last months of your administration.

You’re going to get a get out of jail card free because people think we should make nice and forget that people died here on January 6.

That the attempt to undermine our election to undermine. Our democracy to dishonor our constitution no I don’t see that at all. I think that would be harmful to unity madam. 

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