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Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment

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Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment- The News Today TNT

The News Today TNT – Day 14 of the Biden Administration, and this day Ended indeed on a somber and Emotional note.

Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment

As we’ve been reporting, moments Ago President Biden left the U.S. Capitol after paying his Respects to the first lady at His side to u.S. Capitol police Officer brian sick nick whose Remains lie in honor under the Rotunda. Officer sick nick, also the U.S.

Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment

The military veteran became only the Fifth civilian in our nation’s History to be afforded this Honor. He was of course one of five people who died after the Violent attack that looted and Desecrated our capital building On January 6th. We’re also one week out from the former president’s second Impeachment trial, this time on The charge of inciting that Insurrection at the capitol.

We now know how house Impeachment managers plan to Make the case to convict the Former president and what his Own attorneys plan to offer as a Defense. This morning those house Managers filed a sweeping,

80-page pretrial brief that lays Out in rather stark terms the Events leading up to that riot That day, noting quote, trump’s Singular responsibility for that Tragedy.

President Trump announced a save America rally on January 6th, Promised it would be wild. Summoned a mob to Washington, Exhorted them into a frenzy, and Aimed them like a loaded cannon Down Pennsylvania avenue.

Hours later, trump‘s defense Attorneys filed a 14-page Response of their own to the House article of impeachment, Which by the way, included a Typo on the cover page, Addressed to the u.S.

Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment

Senate and Misspelling the united states. Trump’s lawyers asserted the Constitution quote requires that A person actually hold office Be impeached, and that trump exercised his first amendment right to express he believes That the election results were Suspect.

He Therefore denies they were False. Denied that the Phrase. Insufficient evidence exists to Conclude that the 45th President’s statements were accurate or not. . if you don’t fight like Hell.

The majority of Senate Republicans agree with at least one part of this argument, that The trial is somehow Unconstitutional because trump Is no longer in office. Last week indeed they voted to Toss out the trial on those Grounds despite the fact that Their chamber,

Some of their own Desks were ransacked. Today their leaders signaled That issue could be deciding Factor again convicting trump. do you go into the Impeachment trial still having an Open mind? look I want to listen to the Arguments, the issue upon which we Voted is an interesting Constitutional question.

I think we ought to listen to The lawyers argue the question. On the other side of the Capital, the house republican Leader Kevin McCarthy is under Pressure to publicly reprimand Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, a qanon supporter who Spreads conspiracy theories and Endorses political violence.

Republicans In Disarray Over Greene And Trump Impeachment

Greene met with McCarthy Tonight. He’s also facing calls to punish Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Donald Trump. Number three republican in the House, her fate and Congresswoman Greene’s will be discussed in private meetings Among Republicans Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer moving forward on Biden’s relief bill voted along Party lines with democrats Edging out republicans to vote On the bill. Days after Biden met with Senate Republicans in the oval office, Proposing a much smaller $600 billion measure. Schumer revealed what Biden told Him about that meeting. They proposed was way Too small.


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