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UK arrivals face hotel quarantine in

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UK arrivals face hotel quarantine in – The News Today

COVID-19 plans to prevent mutant strains

quarantine UKUK arrivals face hotel quarantine. Boris Johnson is considering plans to Force all travelers to the UK To quarantine, for 10 days in hotels. in a Bid to stop Mutant strains of coronavirus from Abroad reaching Britain.

We want to make sure that we protect Our population protect this country Against reinfection from abroad. So, That idea of looking at hotels is Certainly one thing that we’re. We’re actively now working under the Scheme everyone entering.

The UK Would have to pay for their own hotel During the 10-day isolation period. Currently, people are expected to isolate. Themselves at their own properties on Their arrival to Britain. Though ministers believe too many people Are failing to quarantine And that it is difficult to.

People isolating scientists are Concerned that new strains of covered 19 Identified in south Africa brazil. Other countries may be resilient to vaccines or are more Transmissible than other strains of Coronavirus.

UK quarantine ARIVALS
UK arrivals face hotel quarantine

Therefore it is crucial The UK prevents these virus strains From becoming prevalent in Britain. 77 Cases of the south African virus And nine cases of the Brazilian variant Have already been identified in Britain.

 The new hotel plan is seen as a deterrent to potential. Travelers to the Country And for brits. Who may want to go on Holiday during the pandemic Officials are negotiating with hotels.

Around major airports To host up to 10 000 arrivals per Day. Who is currently entering the country, The government has increased Restrictions on travelers into Britain. In recent weeks with the so-called Travel corridor being shut last week. A new rule meaning people have to Present a negative covert 19 test before,

Entering was also introduced in some countries that have been using it. The hotel quarantine scheme For almost a year.

Such as Australia who has largely been Able to control coronavirus infections Into the country.


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