Home Politics UK’s Covid 19 number drops slightly as cases continue to fall

UK’s Covid 19 number drops slightly as cases continue to fall


UK’s UK’s Covid 19 number drops slightly as cases continue to fall

UK’s Covid 19 Looking at the numbers for us it looks like Adele certainly. When you look at all the Regional Numbers as well. That’s good news it Appears. That the virus is Shrinking Yeah an improved picture. We’re heading In the right direction. I would Is is my take from this.

But so, it has Changed But and there is a big but it’s only slightly. Uh! so, It would suggest that while the Picture is improving. There is a question over how fast it Is improving.

So, just to compare the rate with last Week. Last week it was between uh 0.7 And 1.1 this week it’s between 0.71 so, a slight drop in the upper Range Of that estimated r number.

What that Figure means is that on average For every 10 people infected with Covid19. They will go on to infect Between 7 and 10 other people. The growth rate Has also improved. Somewhat in that, it’s between minus five percent and Two percent Minus two percent.

This means that it Suggests that, they are that the infection numbers are Shrinking by between two And five percent every day.

So, as you say This looks to be overall a good picture An improved picture Especially. When you consider what the Situation was said a month ago. But the infection rate is still high Perhaps. It isn’t falling As as fast as the government and as the Scientists hope.

When you look at the range as well. The regional variations are a positive picture actually It’s the first time in weeks that. We’ve Seen the upper range of the r number four All of the regions to be one Or below.

Similar to the growth rate. It’s the first time in weeks that the Growth rate Has been zero or below um the Region that looks like it has the Higher. Our number out of all of the regions in northeastern Yorkshire’s Between 0.8 and one compare that to London. For example where it’s estimated to be Between 0.6 And 0.8 so there’s not a lot in it.



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