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Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona’s 7 Worst Signings

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Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona’s 7 Worst Signings

Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona's 7 Worst Signings
Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona’s 7 Worst Signings

joseph Bartomeu resigned as president of FC Barcelona about a month and a half ago bringing an end to his more than five and a half years reign at the camp during that time Bartimaeus managed to take Barcelona from being one of the most talented and successful teams in the entire history of the sport into a global laughing stock on the verge of bankruptcy his legacy will be defined by woeful mismanagement of finances.

A steep downturn on the pitch and the decision to take on Barcelona’s greatest player of all time in the court of public opinion. Bartimaeus lost that battle to the surprise of absolutely nobody. But the bastard who faced a long road back to the top of the Spanish let alone the European game? 

A new manager Ronald Koeman who was Bartimaeus’s controversial choice to replace section has overseen Barcelona’s worst start to a league campaign in 32 years anyhow?  If you’re interested in Bartimaeus’s reign as boss of the president, I have made all about that but today are some of the worst signings of boss’s ex-presidents close to six years into the club as always.

I would reiterate that these are the worst signings taking a multitude of factors into account and in my opinion. They are not the seven worst players signed on joseph Bartimaeus watch without further ado then here are the seven worst signings of the Josep Bartomeu era at Barcelona Boozman Dembele. I was reluctant to include in these seven because I do believe that, he is a sensational player and obviously, he has had a wretched time with injuries whilst his fee was absolutely enormous costing the club 105 million euros with a further 40 million euros in potential future add-ons.

I suspect that we’re not for injuries he would now be universally regarded as one of the finest white players. On the planet, Dembele was phenomenal in his single season at Borussia Dortmund. Although when one thinks the dormant sold him for a potential 145 million euros?  And then side jane and Sancho for around 10 million euros during the same summer.

You have to doff your cap to the club’s recruitment team anyhow back to them Bali who had an injury played debut campaign at?  The camp now and that rather set the tone for his time in Catalonia thus far at least in three and a half seasons. He has only been able to register 59 league appearances and 86 in all competitions naturally repeated setbacks have also stunted his development hindered his momentum and possibly albeit.

Hopefully, not prevented him from becoming the player he ought to become despite his mammoth Dembele only comes in at 7th since he’s still only 23. I certainly don’t believe that we’ve seen the last of him nonetheless the fact that he cost over 100 million euros in relation to the contribution.

He has been able to make largely through no fault of his own or the clubs means that he has to feature. Although I would say, he is quite possibly the only signing in these seven that I wouldn’t hold Bartimaeus partly responsible for paco Alcocer Paco Alcacer is undoubted.

A sharp-eyed center forward who knows how to find the back of the net?  We saw that valencia, we saw it at Russia Dortmund.  We’re certainly seeing it now at Villarreal heck, we even saw glimpses of it during his time at Barcelona.

However, he never seemed like the right fit at the camp now a genuine throwback of a striker?  Alcacer is a poacher and in truth, he never fits in at basa in his first season Alcocer struggled for game time.

Which was understandable in a squad with the front three made up of Neymar Louis Suarez?  And Lionel Messi however in alcazar’s second season with Neymar having departed for Paris Saint-Germain.

He scored even fewer goals than he had done the previous season in both the league and in all competitions whilst others thrive around world-class players Alcacer seemed to shrink with some suggesting he might have felt an inferiority complex for a cold-blooded goal-getter. Who is so reliant on confidence that was never likely to end?

Well, and Alcacer only scored 15 goals in 50 games in total in Catalonia he cost the club 30 million euros. He had two subpar seasons at the camp now and he was sold for 23 million euros all in all that’s enough to just about squeak into this seven narrowly ahead of some honorable mentions that, we will come to later on Antoine griezmann and inclusion that I suspect will be met with some opposition Antoine griezmann has no doubt shown improved form in difficult circumstances at Barcelona this season compared to last and he is obviously a magnificent player.

We need to take a step back and remember just how much griezmann costs?  Barcelona though 120 million euros or 107 million pounds for the benefits of our UK viewers at that time at least that is a ludicrous amount of money enough to make griezmann the fifth most expensive signing of all time griezmann costs more than Liverpool or by Munich’s front three combined.

He will turn 30 years old in march ultimately with his sell-on value likely to be a small fraction.  What Barcelona paid for him the Frenchman will have to make an enormous contribution?  On the pitch to justify his wages and price tag there are those who suggest that griezmann will flourish should lean on Messi leave bastard in the summer?

Griezmann inherits the mantle as boss as starman maybe he will and if he leads them to the Liga title and a champions league then I will look foolish for now. I can’t see it I think he was a woefully short-sighted signing for the price that Barcelona paid and I think there were fast shooter options out there regardless of his undeniable talent Thomas make no mistake.

Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona's 7 Worst Signings
Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona’s 7 Worst Signings

I have a great deal of respect for Thomas primarily because we both drive the same car the mighty Nissan Figaro, unlike Thomas. I don’t have a Porsche as a backup in the garage for when mine breaks down?  But hey we’re still blood brothers in my eyes regardless of his fine taste in automobiles though the fact remains that Thomas ended up being a pretty disastrous piece of business by Barcelona following five good seasons at arsenal the marlin set Barcelona called 50 million pounds.

Which is enough to buy almost 4 000 Nissan that would be impressive since?  There are only 20 000 of them manufactured in the first place. I’m getting distracted aren’t they anyhow the marlin only made one appearance at his debut campaign going under the knife for recurring hamstring entry in total the Belgian only managed 34 league appearances in four seasons at the campaign and 53 in all competitions before departing for Kobe on a free transfer he wasn’t the most lucrative signing of the Baltimore era. 

He cost a substantial amount, he was almost permanently injured whilst on a sizeable salary and he left for nothing martin boatwright as with griezmann there’ll be some people out there saying hang on martin Braithwaite has improved this season.

He has but so is George Honeyman in the whole city it still doesn’t mean that?  He should be playing for Barcelona martin Braithwaite is a man. Who had a hard time impressing at Middlesbrough and whilst?  I’m not naive enough to think a player can’t struggle at one club and succeed elsewhere. I’ve seen nothing in the years since to suggest that martin Braithwaite is capable of playing up front for a team with la Liga or champions league winning aspirations in fact as far as.

I’m concerned martin Braithwaite is about his fitness to represent Barcelona as Francis Jeffers was to lead the line for England somewhat reminiscent of manchester united signing marrow and Fellaini even if he did a job on the pitch on occasion the signing in of itself signaled the decline in the club’s fortunes both on and off the pitch.

That’s what I think brave weight is to Barcelona what’s more?  I don’t think he has improved all that significantly from what?  I’ve seen of him and I suspect there are more gifted sixteen-year-olds in the Lamaze academy than most of us have never heard of Braithwaite cost Barcelona 18 million euros. He was given a four and a half year deal with a 300 million euro release course now. I’ve been wrong in the past but I can’t see anyone triggering that joking aside faster would do well to recoup 10 million euros for the danish frontman and whilst others cost more I think he deserves to come in the third Felipe Coutinho recently came out and said that he hasn’t met expectations at Barcelona.

So hopefully, he will understand his inclusion in this segment in Coutinho’s defense. It was hardly his fault that Barcelona decided to pay a ridiculous 105 million pounds with the possibility of rising to 142 million pounds for him whilst Coutinho is a fabulous footballer.

Who lit up the premier league during his time on Merseyside that is an outrageous amount of money and a little like griezmann? It left no room for error there is a phrase in investing that a stock is priced for perfection.

Which basically means a company’s share price is at a level where it could only be justified?  If everything went right for the business over the years ahead that’s basically what Philippe Coutinho is for over 100 million pounds?  If he had hit the ground running born partnerships all over the pitch and began scoring and assisting goals for fun maybe he could have justified that fee.

It happened he had a mixed first 18 months at the camp now not bad but not brilliant then went out on loan to buy Munich where he came on as a substitute and scored twice and assisted another in Barcelona’s heaviest defeat in 80 years so yeah that’s not great is it honorable mentions there are a few honorable or dishonorable mentions that I ought to address first and foremost probably Malcolm his transfer saga was a bit of a mess.

And he ended up doing nothing in Catalonia but he was sold to zen at st Petersburg for an almost negligible loss. So he doesn’t feature primarily from a financial standpoint. Gomes very nearly featured and who was the worst signing between him?  And al Qaeda is pretty much-splitting heads Alka said did more of the camp knew and indeed himself to Barcelona.

A little more but the initial signing of Gomez made more sense as he is quite a boss player so to speak in hindsight as I say this to you now I’d probably put Gomez in my seven and take al but it’s a bit late for that isn’t it lastly. you have the two medals, Alex.  Alex hasn’t been the worst signing of the two  Totoro tended to split opinion and you could throw Jeremy into the discussion for good measure but now we come to the top spot the worst signing of the Baltimore era in my humble opinion saratoga the worst signing of the Baltimore era at Barcelona and one of the worst signings of all time.

It would be quicker for me to name everything that was good about auditor and signing than everything that was bad about it. So I’ll just do that instead um he’s not there anymore.  When he fired a gun in a hospital whilst on loan at Istanbul?  He didn’t kill anyone all right.

Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona's 7 Worst Signings
Under Josep Bartomeu Barcelona’s 7 Worst Signings

I’m not gonna shortchange you like that costs Barcelona 34 million euros upfront plus a potential seven million euros in abundance haven’t been a real bright spark for 2013 14 la Liga title winners. Atletico Madrid’s aggressive and inventive toran was thrilling in the Spanish capital but there was so much wrong with his transfer to Barcelona for starters.

He was signed in July but he couldn’t actually play until january due to the boss’s transfer ban by the time he could finally be registered Lauren didn’t look anywhere near match fitness somewhat unsurprisingly given the amount of time that he had been waiting in the wings in all seriousness.

If I were looking for positives they would obviously be Lauren’s impressive form in the cup competitions during the 2016-17 campaign. And most notably his champions league hat-trick against Borussia Munchen Gladbach the season.

However, Correira went half a season without playing a single minute of football before joining Istanbul?  On a two and a half year low deal toran’s time in Istanbul was pretty chaotic including that hospital incident and Barcelona paying a significant chunk of his wages and all of his wages for the last six months since the shelter terminated his loan deal midway through his final season toran finally left Barcelona in 2020 following 55 appearances in five seasons have been signed for a potential 41 million euros and departing.

On a free transfer so that is it for The news today TNT. But thank you all as a for do give us a like if you enjoyed the news know your thoughts down below in the comments and make sure that you are have turned on for THE  NEWS TODAY TNT. Now and you can also find me. 


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