Friday, September 17, 2021

Vaccine with ‘double punch’ in progress – COVID19

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The vaccine with ‘double punch’ in progress – COVID19

In a lab, in Nottingham, they’re developing a vaccine for the new world of mutating viruses. A covid jab with a double punch against variants. That reduces the effectiveness of other vaccines. It’s based on the same spike protein as all the others but adds another target from the virus.

Vaccine with 'double punch' in progress
A vaccine with a ‘double punch’ in progress

Called the n-protein that evolves far more slowly the advantage of also having the n-protein. Then there is we, would still have that immunity even. If the spike is mutating. It’s that double protection you.

Get it’s like an insurance policy indeed that’s exactly. What it is it just doubles the chances that. You win over the virus the vaccine is already being made by cobra biologics in a room. so sterile that these pictures had to be filmed for us with strict precautions tests on animals.

Show it triggers high levels of antibodies as well. A strong t cell response another critical part of the immune system. Clinical trials are due to start within weeks and they’re welcomed by independent scientists in our lab.

Vaccine with 'double punch' in progressMany other labs have produced very strong evidence. That the immune system sees many different parts of the virus and makes great responses in our assays to this nuclear protein. That she’s looking at and what we, don’t know until we look is how much extra that brings to the party .

You know good on her for looking because we, don’t look well. Never know some vaccine makers are simply updating their jabs against the shifting virus. Others planning to add genetic material from lots of different variants. But all the mutations in the spike protein are about the virus trying to find. The best shape for picking the lock that allows it into human cells and scientists can predict.

What that perfect key would look like. We can almost get ahead of the virus by saying. We know where you’re going with this. We can see where the optimum fit is going to be.

We can predict what that looks like and we can start to think about making a vaccine for that fittest form of the virus.

Which will eventually come to dominate coming up. That’s just a hypothesis for now, But there is an arms race between the vaccines and the virus. The next generation of jabs will need to be smarter to keep Covid under control.


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