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What is Nasdaq? | What does Nasdaq do? Nasdaq Stock market news

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What is Nasdaq? | What does Nasdaq do? Nasdaq Stock market news

Nasdaq you may have heard about it on. The radio or no that has something to do With the stock market. But what exactly Is Nasdaq and what does it do make sure To stick around to the end to find out.

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What is Nasdaq What does Nasdaq do
What is Nasdaq? What does Nasdaq do?

Welcome to the news today TNT. Nasdaq is a global electronic marketplace for buying And selling securities.

It is also a Benchmark index for us stocks. stands For the national association of securities dealers automated quotations in essence. It is a platform on which people trade Stocks. So, how exactly does not stack Work?

Well next I can also exchange of Stocks between buyers and sellers using Highly remarkable and reliable computers. There are three main parts that make up The Nasdaq stock exchange. The first of Which is that interface this is simply.

The place where broker-dealers and Traffic controllers gain access to System. the second part is the matching System. This is a system that matches buyers and sellers when their prices Match for example.

Let’s say the lowest Selling price for a specific stock is 100 shares for $11 for share and the Highest buying price is $10 80 cents for 50 shares. At this point, the Matching system will determine that, There are no matches and a bargain Sellers will have to continue to wait.

NEWS TODAYBut knowing there is a new buyer. Who’s Willing to pay at eleven dollars and five cents per share for 50 shares. The Computer will match this person with the Person. Who is planning to sell a hundred Shares for eleven dollars each and the Buyer will only have to pay $11 per share. Both parties are happy the seller Will be able to sell half of his shares For the price.

That he wanted to and the Buyer will get a slight discount. Then What he was willing to pay for it. The last and most complex part is court Services code services use supply. Demand and current pricing information Along with several complex algorithms.

Matching engine data to provide up To a minute price data to the world. That’s a very simplified version of what The Nasdaq platform does. As you can already see it’s very similar to the New York stock exchange. But why was Nasdaq established?

If it’s So similar to a new york stock exchange. Well, when Nasdaq was established it was the First recognized electronic stock market In other. Words you don’t have to go to a physical location in order to trade Stocks like.

We’re the new york stock Exchange Nasdaq traffic controllers are Known as market makers. Actively buy And sell stock on behalf of traders new York stock exchange traffic controllers, On the other hand, are known as Specialists they said opening price Superstocks accept limit orders .

What is Nasdaq What does Nasdaq doModerate interest on particular stocks Nasdaq market makers. Like the name suggests creating a full market. While new York stock exchange specialists simply Facilitate a market. Nasdaq is also more Computerized in the new york stock Exchange about 40% of the volume. That is Traded through Nasdaq is done through Ecns, Or electronic communication networks Only about 7% of blindness traded on the New York stock exchange is done.

Through Easy ends, there are also huge listing Requirement differences between the two. To lists on Nasdaq, a company must offer 1.25 million shares for the public to Trade. But a company listing on the New York stock exchange must only have 1.1
Million shares.

That is held by at least 400 shareholders also new york stock Exchange-listed companies. Must have at least a per-share value of $4 and a Market value of at least 40 million Dollars. You need a lot more upfront Capital in order to be able to list on The new york stock exchange. There is about a 500,000 dollar fee to Enter the new york stock exchange.

There’s only a 50 to $75 fee to enter Nasdaq caliber. But there is a yearly fee Of about 27 thousand dollars another Difference between the two is the type of Stocks. That are generally listed on The new york stock exchange generally Have more stable and less volatile stocks.


Then Nasdaq for example the New York Stock exchange has stock from companies Such as coca-cola, Walmart, and Citigroup. Which are unlikely to change a whole lot In a given day. Nasdaq stocks on the Other hand are usually tech companies. That can fluctuate a law in a given day Like Facebook, apple, google, and amazon, Apple stock may soar. The day before an iPhone release, But then plummet.

If there Are disappointing sales so Nasdaq stocks Are generally more volatile. So this is Where you want a good for try to make it Quick. But it makes Look out for those short-term capital Gain taxes. Which can be quite high.

That’s just the first part of Nasdaq Though there’s also Nasdaq composite and Nasdaq 100 now as a composite is a Benchmark index, or like dow jones. But there are a couple of differences First of all Nasdaq index values created From a lot more companies.

Then dow jones Which will only based on 30 companies. Dow Jones industrial average tracks at Top 30 countries in the respective Industries. Most of these companies are Traded on the new york stock exchange. Only a couple are traded on Nasdaq These companies include Apple, Cisco, Intel, and Microsoft Nasdaq composite on The other hand.

Tracks all of the Companies that, are traded on the Nasdaq Platform in most of the countries. That makes Up the Nasdaq composite for technology And internet-related companies one Similarity between the two these.

nasdaq stock newsInvestors cannot trade dow jones or the Nasdaq composite. But they can buy index Fonts or exchange-traded funds. That Track either one Nasdaq 100 is a stock market index made up of 103 equity Securities.

Nasdaq composite and Nasdaq 100 are simply stock market indices. Like S&p 500 or dow jones. Now don’t mess this Up with n deck. Which to actually stock That you can buy and DAC is a stock of The company.

That manages the Nasdaq Platform now it is a big beautiful buy And act doctor you were essentially Buying stock of a company. That makes Money for people like you, buying stock Of other companies. You can bet that Nasdaq also makes money on buying and selling fees.

When you buy your stock Considering that Nasdaq is computerized. Have there ever been big issues for the Whole system of shut down?  answer to That is yes, but it is very very rare the Last time.

When was Nasdaq’s computer issue?

That Nasdaq shut down due to Computer related issues was on august 22nd 2013.

So, clearly a while ago and even during the shutdown. It was only Shut down for a total of three hours and 11 minutes a very short period of time. As a result other than such rare Occurrences the system is very reliable In the end. When someone is referred Back they referred to one of three things.

STOCKthey may be referred to a Nasdaq Security exchange platform in which Company stock is traded, or they may be Referring to end at. Which is the stock Of the company that owns the Nasdaq Platform.

But they are probably referring To the Nasdaq composite and the state of the market as a whole. So, next time you hear About or see Nasdaq.

You have a good idea Of what they’re talking about. But that’s What? I have for you guys are Nasdaq. There’s something very crucial about Nasdaq Richard come that down below.


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