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What will travel be like post Brexit?

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What will travel be like post Brexit? THE NEWS TODAY TNT

The UK has left the European Union and the ease with which the British have holidayed worked.

What will travel be like post Brexitlived in the EU for decades has ended the government’s chosen a course that brings a tangle of rules and restrictions for travelers.

let’s get Brexit done and let’s bring this country together. If you have a burgundy passport with the European Union on the top.

It remains valid as a British travel document but it loses all its EU powers. If you want to be absolutely certain that you’re going to be admitted into the European Union.

You’ll have to ensure that your passport has at least six months to run from the day. You travel to Europe,

that it was issued no more than nine years six months ago.

What will travel be like post BrexitAt airports in great Britain travelers to all international destinations are now able to buy. Cut-price cigarettes and alcohol without paying tax or duty,

you’ll only be allowed to take in one liter of spirits.

will travel be like post Brexit?

200 cigarettes to a European country the government has ended tax-free sales in airports on non-excise goods. which means electronics clothing cosmetics and

so, you’ll only be able to take 390 pounds worth of goods into the European Union from airports in northern Ireland duty-free is available only to non-EU destinations such as Switzerland turkey.

In use, you’ll only be allowed to stay 90 days out of every 180 within the Schengen area. Which comprises almost all the EU countries except Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Ireland.

Romania also includes some non-EU members such as Norway Iceland Switzerland and of course Liechtenstein. So, if you spend January February,

and march in the Schengen area then you must leave the zone for three months.

Can only return at the end of June, you’ll then be able to spend another 90 days in Europe until the last week in September.

 Brexitwhen you must leave again and not come back until boxing day! so, be very careful about how much time you’re spending in the Schengen area. If you overstay you could face a travel ban  British travelers continue to benefit from free or very low-cost medical treatment in the EU.

The European health insurance card will be valid right until it expires you can also apply for a global health insurance card. This is also free and it will offer you almost the same cover within the 27 EU countries.

UK motorists will not need an international driving permit to drive in the EU.

motorists taking their car from the UK.

Into the EU must show a GB sticker though this doesn’t apply to trips to Ireland. You’ll also need a green card.

Which is an official multi-lingual translation of your car insurance. That demonstrates you meet the minimum coverage requirements for the country. You’re visiting if you’re towing a caravan.You’ll need an additional green card you.


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