Saturday, June 12, 2021

Whitehouse: Suspend Trial To Depose McCarthy And Tuberville

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Sen.Whitehouse: Suspend Trial To Depose McCarthy And Tuberville

The news today tnt White house breaking news today, Truths and persistently lied to The American people a lie that Continues unto this hour. I have a little bit of news And a question for Michael. The news is the white house for Rhode island says,

""> So to my good friend, the Philosopher/poet/historian Meacham, we can’t get away from Trumpism if they don’t let it Go.

White house breaking news today
White house breaking news today

And so no matter how much we do That push and pull thing, as we Push our way and pull our way Away from it, somebody is Pushing us back towards it. I don’t know why the hell Lindsey is going to talk to Donald Trump about the future of The republican party.

He’s a former president who will Have no role, as other Presidents have had in the past Or not had in the past, but Apparently, they want one for Him. So he doesn’t get to let go Because we won’t let him go. And so this gets harder, it Doesn’t get easier.

You’ve got candidates that are preparing to run for office from United states senate to governor. To dog catcher who got a big t On their forehead. They’ve got a big t on their Forehead. They’re all in for Trump. If you don’t let it go, you Don’t heal. And you don’t heal, you just get Sicker. And the problem with the Republican party right now is it.


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