Saturday, September 18, 2021

Who The Heck Is In Charge Of The Border?

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Who The Heck Is In Charge Of The Border? GOP Senator Slams VP Kamala Harris Over Migrant Surge

The vice president is traveling to Mexico and Guatemala. We’re told this week to try and figure it out. What are the root causes of the immigration crisis, unfortunately? the place she’s not going is a southern border. Which is where the burden is being felt by people on the border on a daily basis.

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We put an enormous amount or an enormous amount of pressure. I should say on our border patrol agents at the border. the vice president’s staff says, that she is not responsible for the border. The president says he is not responsible for the border. Which begs the question. I think that should concern the American people and that is, who the heck is in charge of the border.

We see on a daily basis what’s happening down there and I think. If they want to get at the root cause of what’s happening at the border. All they have to do is look at their reversal of all the policies. That was in place prior to when they came to the office. That is why we have a crisis at the border today and to the leader’s point one of the things.

What the senate could address is legislation bipartisan legislation to deal with the border crisis. But senator Schumer has determined that. He wants to make a political point rather than to resolve problems for this country and so, this next month is going to be dedicated to his.

Destined designed to fail agenda which includes a bunch of bills. That he knows are not going to get across. The finish line but it’s all about partisanship. It’s all about playing political games. Which is unfortunate I think the American people expect better of us.

they expect more of us there are things. That we could sit down and do as the leader pointed out. We’ve already done this year on a bipartisan basis. I would hope that the members of his caucus will come to the conclusion.

that they would rather legislate than score political points. But we’ll see what happens over the course of the next several weeks.


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