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#WomensHistoryMonth what is womens history month? women’s history month 2021

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#WomensHistoryMonth what is women’s history month? women’s history month 2021


Women’s History Month, high second grade the month of march Is women’s history month. Let’s find out A little bit more about why? we celebrate women’s history month. Women have not always been treated Fairly at one point. Women were not allowed to go to school To work, vote, or own land.


Women were often Expected to cook clean and raise children. Usually, women of color had even fewer Rights. Then white women so one of the reasons. We celebrate women’s history month is Because there has been An unfair treatment of women. This means, That we have not always Been treating women fairly.

Women knew that this was not fair Certain groups of women. Started to work together to make things better for themselves. Earlier fights for equal rights didn’t Always focus on helping all women. But generally white women When something is unjust, or unfair People can decide to protest over the Years.

When Is WomensHistoryMonth?

WHAT IS WomensHistoryMonth
Women’s History Month

Women have protested marched and fought For the same rights as men. While this Issue has improved. Many women still show evidence that some Things Are unequal and the picture on the Screen. Shows you where the women used to meet To talk about all of the things. They Were going to do To fight for equal rights. In 1980 President jimmy carter declared a week In march.

National women’s history week. He said Too often the women were unsung And sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements leadership courage Strength and love of the women. Who built America was just as vital important As that of the man.

Whose names We know. So, well so president jimmy Carter said, You know what women are just as Important In this country. As men and it’s about time. That we start learning their names. Just like how? we know the men’s names. So let’s meet a few notable, or important Women.


The first one Is Muhammad Ibtihaj Muhammad Is a saber fencer. She won the bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. She is also the First Muslim woman to wear a hijab. While competing for the united states.

This is a hijab she’s the first Muslim American woman To wear this while. She was competing in The united states. This is Simone biles Is the most decorated American gymnast And the third most decorated gymnast in the whole World.

That means she has a lot of gold medals And a lot of awards Ellen Ochoa was an astronaut. She served aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She also became the director of the Johnson Space center Malala Yousafzai is the Youngest Person. To ever win the Nobel peace prize. 

Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

She is an activist more through writing And her advocacy. She has helped women and children be able to attend school. also wrote a book and she’s very Very young Temple Grandin is a professor of animal Science an advocate. Inventor And spokesperson, she invented the hug Box To help people on the autism spectrum During the march.

There are countless amounts of women That we can celebrate. We can celebrate so many different women From All over the world. We can pause and Honor The accomplishments and the Contributions. That women have made throughout history And Our present-day.

So, we are going to spend. The month of march Learning all about different women. Who Have changed the world And who have changed our country for the Better? thanks for visit our website the news today TNT.


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